My very first post.  Seeing these two images side by side made me realize how far I’ve come in my progress.  I started getting serious about changing my body, and my habits around July 30th, 2014.  The First pic in the shorts, was from sometime around May-June.  I was unhappy, I was what is referred to as ‘skinny-fat.’  Trust me, it’s a thing.  I weighed anywhere from 93-97lbs as it was fluctuating on and off within the past year.  I wasn’t toned and I was not happy with how I looked in the mirror, how I looked in clothes, I just wanted change.  Not only that but I wanted to be healthy and fit.  Be able to hold my own.  The picture on the right, Those were taken around the very beginning of February, and believe me there has been progress since then!  I didn’t realize how far I have come since seeing these pictures side by side and I wanted to share that with everyone.  So keep in mind despite where I started, I started around 93lbs, and in the early February pictures I weighed about 105lbs.  I now weigh 107.  My body has begun toning up, my legs are nice and firm, i’m strong, I’ve started focusing on lower abdominal workouts and actively achieving a flat stomach.  And this is all within the span of August 2014-March 2015.  Cleaning up my diet and developing healthy habits has caused my progress to happen faster and faster and I can’t wait to share that with you in future posts!  If you are wondering what type of workout plan I am on, it’s self-made but my workout method is weight training.  It doesn’t make you buff, it makes you strong, toned, and sexy!  Trust me!  I’m 5’2″, I have to wear kids jeans considering i’m tiny!  I weigh 107lbs, squat 105lbs, single leg press and deadlifts at 95lbs, and many more.  I just wanted to use the highest numerical weights for example.  Do I look like some beast of a woman?  No.  I look healthy, and toned.  You wont become some beast of a woman by accident, that happens on purpose and that takes A LOT of work and time.  That’s something you strive for purposely, not just become.


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