Healthy Snacks

I’m addicted to these tiny meals throughout the day!  A big part of losing weight, and maintaining your figure is portion control.  Some people have more of an appetite than others, and it can be a healthy amount depending on your level of activity, your goals, etc.  Just for me personally this is the perfect amount.  I’ve been addicted to clementines, or otherwise popularized by the brand name ‘Halo’s‘ They are perfect and so delicious!  To me, they’re like mini oranges without all the mess that oranges tend to have.  Mixed with it I have cashews, honestly I’d prefer non-salted or lightly salted but it’s what I have.  Regardless it’s still healthier for you than most things people would grab without a second glance.  If clementines or nuts aren’t for you, I highly suggest banana’s.  I love those!  They’re quite filling and they’re great for muscle recovery.  I usually have a banana once a day, around bedtime.  Despite what a lot of studies have shown, I cannot sleep on an empty stomach or even a slightly empty stomach.  At least it’s healthy!


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