Healthy Dinners!

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This has been my latest favorite!  I am a red meat kind of girl, I’ll eat chicken (although i’m iffy about chicken) but if steak or ribs are an option i’m all over it.  It’s really simple too, and i’ll even give you a substitute recipe for chicken.  In this picture I have mixed peppers, clementines, steak, and quinoa.  I cut up the steak and put it on a tin foil covered pan, seasoning it with McCormicks Montreal Steak seasonings. (The less sodium the better), I wrap the vegetables in tin foil as well and shake it up after spraying Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (It tastes just like Soy Sauce so I use it for a healthy Soy Sauce alternative) over them and sprinkling Garlic Pepper seasoning on top.  After all wrapped up into the tin foil I set it on the pan next to the steak chopped up and cook it in the oven at Broil for about 12 minutes.  I cook the quinoa in a microwavable safe container mixed with water and cook it anywhere from 2-3 minutes depending on how much water I mixed in with it, and once it’s done I spray it with Bragg’s Liquid Aminos as well.  Very simple, quick, and healthy! If you don’t know what Quinoa is, it’s very high in protein, great for you, in short it’s a grain crop grown for it’s seeds.  But don’t think of it as seeds, that might turn you off from the idea of it.  I like to think of it as round rice with not much to it.  Mix whatever vegetables you want in, they can all be seasoned the same way or whatever other herbs you’d like to use!

Now for cooking chicken, I marinate the chicken in a plastic bag mixed with some Lemon Juice, Garlic and Herb seasoning.  Mix in some Orange Juice if you want an added tangy flavor to it too!  I shake it and prefer to let it soak for 30 minutes, and then put it on a tin foiled covered pan and cook for 30 minutes at 400 degrees fahrenheit.  This method takes more time but hey, the chicken comes out fresh and moist.

I also want to say Lemon Juice, Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, Garlic, Herbs, Pepper, Steak Seasonings, are must-have items to have on hand for healthy flavoring.  Eating healthy isn’t hard if you find it delicious, all it takes to make food delicious are the perfect seasonings and seasonings can make or break your healthy streak.  Be smart about your shopping choices!  There are so many options out there so don’t cut yourself short.  It IS possible, you CAN do it.  The more you learn about picking smarter ingredients to cook something you normally would, the more you’ll wonder why most people make something that can be beneficial to your health very bad for it!


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