Green Juice


I recently went to the grocery store and was looking at different green juices available.  Keep in mind I don’t live somewhere that is very pro-natural, pro-healthy so I don’t have access to a large selection like other places in the country would.  I came across this, the brand is Suja Essentials and this is their Organic Green Delight (for back story I don’t care at all about GMO’s, or whether or not something is organic.)  The reason why I picked this specific one is because of 2 ingredients: Spirulina and Chlorella.  You may not have ever heard of those two but they’re extremely beneficial to your health!  Do not taste very good at all but they’re great for you.  So many benefits ranging from cleansing your system, clearing your skin, and so much more.  Popular models and celebrities have also sworn by such ingredients and use them on a daily basis.  The Apple, Mango, Banana, Spinach, Kale, and Lemon also helped sell me just because I knew it’d be enough to mask the taste of those two just enough.  And I was right.  The only downside to this product is that there are A LOT of sugars and carbs in it.  So even though the bottle is quite small I drink it in small quantities.

I have another favorite green juice but it doesn’t contain Chlorella which is the only downside.  But it tastes wonderful and there isn’t bad amounts of anything.  This one would be Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness, they also have one called Daily Greens.

There’s another product a friend of mine mentioned to me, however to my knowledge it isn’t available in the United States yet, but it has amazing ingredients and according to him a neutral taste.  It does have a ton of beneficial ingredients that’d be great to have on a daily basis, it’s called Lean Greens.  Hopefully it’ll come to the states soon but for now I can only wait!


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