Great Article!

10 Beginner Fitness Mistakes
If you aren’t already, I suggest signing up on  If you are someone who likes to track every little thing, be social with your progress, how you’re feeling, the community is a good place to start.  You can help motivate each other, have a ton of work-outs with videos, and helpful articles everywhere on the website.

The four statements in this article that stuck out to me were:

1) Thinking More is Better
This can go two ways.  1- You don’t need to do every little work out for the specific muscles you are targeting on one day.  The great thing about specific muscle group days is Muscle Confusion.  You can do a certain set of workouts on leg day, then on the next leg day that you have, do the others that you didn’t do before on the next.  Muscle confusion is a big deal and you always want to keep that up to continue getting results.  Another way this can be interpreted is the type of person who does maybe 5 sets of 1 rep on every workout that they do, then leaving.  I’ve seen this a lot in the gym… it doesn’t do anything for you.  When I started off in the gym I did 10 sets of 4 reps in the highest weight I could do, for every workout that I did that day.  You don’t want to push yourself too hard if you’re just beginning, but you also don’t want to baby your body either.

2)  Thinking More Cardio Equals More Fat Loss
      This is a very common misconception.  Especially among women.  You burn calories resting with every extra pound of muscle you have.  You don’t with fat.  You automatically burn more calories doing anything when you have muscle on your body.  I’ve been lifting weights since July 30th, 2014.  I’m not even close to manly/masculine, none of that nonsense.  You can’t get to that point unless you specifically strive for that for years.
Let’s look at this famously shared picture across the web:


3)  Giving Up Before Your Body Has A Chance To Change
         This happens A LOT!  Many, many, many think they will see big time results in a month.  I’m sorry to say, no you will not.  Even if you started off skinny, no you will not.  This is why people give up so easily and so often.  People want immediate satisfaction, but life doesn’t work that way.  It can take months to start beginning to see results, I don’t want to copy any knowledge off of their article and post it here, so go read what they have to say about it!  Very interesting!

4)  Changing Your Diet All At Once
You guys have seen it before in my healthy dinners post.  When it comes to eating healthy/clean, go about it slowly, and in a way that you enjoy.  Don’t go eating things you don’t like, when you make the food yourself you control every little ingredient that is in it.  So just find the seasonings to make it yummy for you!  Plus it’s hard for any body to go from eating junk to eating healthy.  So do it slowly and ease into it.  Otherwise it will not stick!

Go ahead and check it out!  And if you make a profile you can find me on there under the username: ChelseaxLynn   I don’t post my workouts, I only post progress pictures and update my weight here and there.  I might add measurements soon but I haven’t yet.


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