Leg Day #1

Hey guys, so I have 2 separate leg days each week.  This is my usual routine for Leg Day #1.  This is just a general, and the workouts I love to do.  But always remember to use muscle confusion and mix it up!

One thing to know, never get comfortable…always push yourself.  Your workout should be hard each rep, each set.  If it’s not, up the weight!
2) I always start off with cardio, whether it be the stair stepper or treadmill or a mix of the two.
3) Weighted Lunges.  I alternate between using a pre-weighted barbell and weighted plates on separate days.  With the barbell but I use pre-weighted barbells instead of a free weighted barbell where you add your own.  With weights (Dumbells or plates, I use plates personally.) With this one I stay in place and bounce up and down on each leg.
4) Leg Extension Machine  Right now i’m at 70lbs and do 4 sets of 8.
5) Seated Leg Curl I do the seated version of the leg curl, the lying down one causes me discomfort around the back of the knee and just is not good for me.  With the seated leg curl I don’t have that problem.   This one I only recently started to use, I’m not 100% sure but I think i’m at around 60lbs and do 4 sets of 10.
6) Deadlifts With this I alternate stance between what is pictured, and sumo deadlifts.  With sumo it still works your hamstrings but it also helps work your bum a bit more.    With this i’m at 105lbs and usually do 6 or 7 sets of 5.
7) Glute Kickback Machine  Soooo good for your bum!!  Right now i’m up to 115lbs, and do 4 sets of 8.
8) Hip Abductor Now not only is this good for your saddle bag area, it also helps target your glutes. 4 sets of 10.
9) Hip Adductor, it’s a reverse of the Hip Abductor, you start with your legs spread and you push them in all the way and back out.   4 sets of 10.
10) Single Leg Press on the Dip-Assist Machine This is soo good.  You will feel the burn and it’s great for the glutes!  Right now i’m up to 95lbs, and do 4 sets of 10 on each leg.  I’m about to go up in weight again, and i’ll lower the reps for that.


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