Some More Progress Picture Updates

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Today I started a whole new back routine.  The pictures that are from today are #2 and #3.  #1 was from two weeks ago or more? I can’t remember.  But there are so many workouts so if theres something you truly dread and hate, there are other options out there and other ways to work that muscle!  Explore and try it out!  I found for my back I like free-weights and cable workouts over machines.  That’s what works best for me 🙂  So I don’t have to dread and hate back day every damn time haha.  In separate posts I’m going to post some of what I do with add-ins and take-outs (because each time is different)  But hopefully it’ll help you guys out with finding new workouts and finding something more enjoyable for you!  I’ll also post a link to each workout since I know several workouts can have the same name so I don’t want anyone to think I mean something else!  Stay tuned!

Camo Top:  Alternative Apparel 

Black Tank with built in Sports Bra:  Under Armour

Bluetooth Headset: LG Electronics Tone+ 

Phone Case:  Lunatik TakTik Strike  (Lunatik is extremely durable, never has broken on me.  A LOT better than Otterboxes and the most popular known brands…been using them for 3+ years now.)


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