The BEST booty blasters!

1)  Stop using the smith machine for squats!!  I cannot stress this enough.  I made that mistake myself.  Do squats using the barbell.  And go low!  Squat Diagram.  Have your thighs align with the ground at the very least.  You will not directly hit the glutes if you do not complete the squat formation.  I should also note I do squats about 5x a week.  I’m determined to grow this monster 😉

2)  Cable kickbacks!  This will do crazy things for your booty, quickly too!  I highly suggest investing in ankle straps for this (and other) workouts.  Will post those when I post my routine for Leg Day #2.  You’ll see a lot of pics of them wrapped around ankles for this workout, but I prefer to tie them around my shoes with the metal hoop on top.  I haven’t used mine long enough to feel comfortable recommending 🙂

3) Weighted Hip Bridge.  Or Hip Thruster.  I’ve found people call it multiple things.  Definitely use a bar pad for this….it bruises my hips so quickly.

These next two will whip your booty into shape… but I only execute them on Leg Day #1, not booty days.

4) Glute Kickback Machine, like I mentioned in my Leg Day post.

5) Single Leg Press on the Dip-Assist Machine.  You will feel this use your glutes as you execute this workout…especially the more difficult it is to complete each rep.  I’m now up to 100lbs and that’s 6-8lbs shy of my own body weight… so it’s getting increasingly difficult but it’s a great burn!

You will 100% see a difference within a month or two (depending on where you’re at in your journey.)  But I guarantee it.  There’s a huge difference in my bum from the end of December to now….and the biggest of it has been within this past month in which I added the cable kickbacks and using the standalone barbell for squats instead of the smith machine.  Trust me on this!


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