Arm/Shoulder Day

1) Concentrated Bicep Curl
    This one I’m currently at 12.5lb dumbells.  I’ll honestly admit I keep adding more and more to my arm day workouts because i’m struggling, I see the physical changes but really strengthening that muscle is taking time.  Makes sense considering my arms are my weakest point.  Remember, everyone is different.    I try to do about 4 sets of 10, but if I can’t I do it until fail for each arm.

2) Tricep Dips
   This one I do about 4 sets of 12.  It’s becoming increasingly easier and easier at this point so i’m going to start putting a 10lb plate on my lap and going from there.
3)  Bicep Curls Using a Z-Bar
     I do this one about 4 sets of 10 or 12, depending on how the weight is feeling.  I recently increased the weight to 30lbs.

4)  Cable Tricep Extension
    I do 4 sets of 10 or 12 on this one, i’m at 20lbs I believe, 20 or 25.  Keep your back straight and don’t stand too far from the cable to ensure you’re working your triceps and not your back.

5)  Cable Bicep Curl
  One thing, stand up straight and keep your back straight.  Don’t curl your shoulders forward.  Will directly hit your bicep and feel the burn!  I’m up to 25lbs and do 4 sets of 10.
To concentrate even more on your biceps, try the Single Arm Cable Bicep Curl

6)  Lying down Z-Bar Tricep Extension
  This one you will 100% feel the burn!  I’m at 30lbs and do about 3 sets of 14.

7)  Dumbell Tricep Kickbacks  You could also do Cable Tricep Kickbacks.

Now onto shoulder workouts….

With some workouts I find Cable, Free-Weights, Barbells, one method works better than the others.  It’s up to you to find what works best for you 🙂

8)  Front Plate Raises
I do 4 sets of 12, and I do these sitting down.  It honestly doesn’t matter, whichever you prefer.

9)  In between #8 I also do the steering wheel exercise, this one is a lot more difficult then it looks!  You’ll be surprised.  It’s literally like turning a steering wheel left and right.  I do 4 sets between 10 and 12 reps.

10)  Rear Delt Flies

11)  Seated Dumbell Shoulder Press
Hope you guys try these out and tell me what you think!!  Have fun!


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