Diet AND Exercise Are Important?!

Yes, they are.  If you only manage to do the one you aren’t going to meet your goals.  Nutrition is extremely important, it can determine how you look, and how healthy you really are.  Let’s use this for an example… Panera Bread.  Seemingly healthy…not really.  Whenever I eat something from them I blow up like a blowfish.  Why?  Sodium intake is high, as well as carbs.  Higher than what should be consumed…so that’s going to show, and for days.  Whenever you puff out, appear thicker, that’s sodium telling you like it is.  But sodium and carbs are healthy in moderation.  When you exercise upon starting up it’s automatically going to take 2-3 months before you really start seeing results.  When you add a healthy diet to the mix it’ll help your body transform and stay on track…not only that your body will thank you for it and you will see changes much more quickly.

For the longest time I put off dieting/eating clean because it just seemed like a lot of work, and unnecessarily so.  But once I started giving it a try I almost immediately saw the advantages to cleaning up your diet.  Instead of daily fluctuations with my body and results, I had consistent progress and no back tracking.  I also started thinning out, and building up muscle much more quickly….hell the changes I wanted were happening instead of waiting for them to happen.  There is no one or the other… Being Fit, and Healthy…it’s a lifestyle.  So wanting to be so does involve a lifestyle change.  It’s not a temporary thing.  Diet isn’t what you think a diet is… you think of something temporary, and miserable.  It doesn’t have to be.  In this picture I have Sweet Teriyaki marinated chicken along with Quinoa mixed with Kale.  Healthy and yummy.  It’s all about the ingredients that you use…you must read labels.  It’ll make and break you.  The biggest things: in seasonings make sure the sodium content is LOW, none if possible.  Low calorie, low carb, and no sugars.  There really is no excuse for a seasoning to be absurd since there are so many out there that taste good and are healthy for you.  You just have to be smart with your choices.

Another thing, portion control.  That is important.  Here is a good image to help out with that if you honestly need a guide:

Portion control

Portion control is something I adapted many years ago and it honestly helped me lose  stubborn fat that I gained from birth control during puberty time….yay.  <_<   It’s something that you adapt to honestly, your stomach will adjust to your new healthy portion sizes and will actually shrink down so it’ll be easy to get in moderation.  I’ll be dead honest my stomach feels quite tiny most of the time, my eyes tend to always be bigger than it is haha.  Which is why making myself eat consistent is so dang hard for me.  It’s healthy to have several small meals a day…something I need to adapt into my life.  For me the problem is getting hungry/having an appetite.  But I’ve learned that is normal for some individuals who are trying to gain muscle and bulk up.  🙂

Hope you guys found this helpful and useful!


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