Breaks & Flexible Dieting

Over the past year i’ve accumulated some information from my own personal experience… and everyday I learn more and more.  When you work out- do you go hard every time?  Test your strength?  Push yourself?  Run out of breath, sweat like a pig?  You know those day(s)-after-muscle-pains, right?  It’s good for your body to take a break… sometimes those muscle tear/recovery pains that you feel also go on even when you don’t feel a thing.  What i’m getting at is once in awhile it’s good to give your body a few straight days off.  Like 3 or 4 days.  Why?  Because when I travel for work I don’t always get the time to workout, or the ability to, or even the energy (especially with struggling these viruses I keep getting hit with.)  It gives your body a good rest.  The ability to bounce back even better, stronger, and harder.  Your body gets the ability to do a full recovery.  I came back from Kansas City being able to do higher weights, more sets, more reps.  It’s an amazing and exhilarating time when this happens.  But you only experience this when you push yourself hard enough to need recovery… If you don’t you’ll come back struggling, hell; possibly at a lower weight.

Now flexible dieting…  we all have cravings, our taste buds always alter, what we crave.  I found my body responds better when I have variety instead of sticking to my strict chicken or beef with quinoa and veggies/fruit every night.  Having higher amounts of carbs, or protein, or vegetables on different days.  My body has responded well to this.  With maybe a cookie, chips, or french fries here and there. It’s not a daily thing, or a constant thing.  But here and there I think it’s good for you to have change.  Your body, cravings, and taste buds will thank you.


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