A New Type of Glute Kickback

Hey guys!

This is something that’s been fun, and a new challenge to add into your booty workout! 😉  So you’ve seen the ankle/foot strap cable kick back to hit the glutes in one of my previous blog posts, now heres 2 new ideas.  You have two options, personally I prefer the 2nd.  If you’ve done the cable kick back with the ankle strap attached to your ankle or your foot, you’ll know it also hits your hamstrings pretty hard.  You have the option of purchasing a thigh strap, and attaching the cable there and continue to do the kicking back motion in order to concentrate on your glutes rather than your hamstrings more, OR you can use the leg extension machine in a different way.  Here is the normal way of using the machine, now stand in between the rounded padded bar and the seat, facing the seat.  Adjust the padded part so that it’ll sit above your knee, behind the knee, lean forward resting your hands on the seat in front of you and then kicking back with the padded bar resting against your hamstrings/the back of your leg above your knee and kicking out.  This will help hit your glutes more directly and you will also feel it in your lower back as well.  Try this out and let me know how you like it!!


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