Nike Flyknit Airmax 2014 Shoe Review

This is a tad different than my usual posts, but everyone loves reviews and this is a fitness blog.  Clothing, shoes, accessories and equipment qualify too!

So I purchased these back around January 2015 I believe.  SHOESS

I’ve worn them nearly everyday in the gym.  First thing first: they are insanely comfortable.  A ton of cushion, and padding beneath your feet.  Something I want to point out about the Flyknit Airmax design, the walls of the shoe are quite flimsy, thin, movable.  Most shoes the walls are thick, and sturdy.  Typically form to your foot and are tight.  With the Flyknit Airmax they don’t conform to your foot like that.  I never wear specialized shoes but I do have kind of narrow feet, but i’ve never had a problem with that in shoes before.  With these, I think it’s a mix of having narrow feet and the shoe itself not being very form fitting/aligning.  Over the time of wearing these i’ve found that they allow my feet to move around quite a bit within the shoe which has honestly caused me poor weight distribution in my feet with weight training.  It causes my weight to be dispersed along the outer-most part of my feet, which has even shown in my walking from working out with them these past few months.  They are great for traveling, and being on your feet for long hours though.  So until I find a new pair i’m using these for certain muscle specific days, traveling, and normal wear here and there.  It’s just a shame, they weren’t cheap but at least they do offer quite a bit of comfort.  They just aren’t good for any sort of weight training.  Now if you happen to have wide feet I don’t think you would have the same problem as me unless the thin/movable walls happen to be an issue for you as well.

Hope you all enjoy this post!  It’s a bit different but expect some more fitness-related reviews soon!


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