I am back! (Again)

Having a job that includes traveling can be a major set back.  But I’m learning ways for it to not affect me in such a negative way.  I just returned last night from working out in Indianapolis.  Our days were stupid long, I’m talking 7:30am – 10:00pm everyday.  Then having to be back up again at 6am when you probably were ready and in bed by midnight or 1am everyday…

The biggest thing:  Eat.  Keep your eating up, pack healthy snacks, try to make sure you eat every 4 hours.  I know, it can be very hard and at times impossible when you’re working and slammed.  But you just have to try your best.

I’ve been traveling every 2 weeks it seems since April.  So it’s been hard to keep my muscle up because the past few times i’ve traveled we’ve had stupid long hours like that and in that type of situation I value my health and functionality over my strength.  In the end your health is most important.  I drop dead sick once my sleep starts getting massively hindered so I know what my body can take.

When I left home I weighed 107lbs, today I weigh 103.7lbs.  The good thing?  Strength hasn’t been hindered, my muscles have recovered and i’m a bit stronger than I left.  Muscles are a bit more toned/visible.  The bad?  Every time I leave my weight drops to 103 or 104.  Which sucks, because mentally I feel like “omg i’m just losing muscle every damn time.”  It’s a battle lol…   I’ve been keeping this a bit quiet but in the month of June I will be traveling to Seattle and Denver.  One at the beginning of the month and one at the end, i’m hoping the hours wont be too long and that there will be a fitness facility available.  But what I’ve been keeping quiet, i’m currently looking at switching jobs, and *hoping* to leave this one after Denver.  We’ll see how my job search works out!

As much as traveling mentally upsets me since I truly miss my get aways in the gym and working out, getting my stresses out, it’s important to give your body a break for a few days even if you don’t feel like you need one.  Eat however, just let your body recover and it will thank you.  You will come back being able to lift that heavy shit you’ve been struggling to do for awhile.

Expect some new posts coming back up this week.  Sorry for my delay I just honestly haven’t had the time or the energy to post things up on here after work when I was gone, I had planned to but that trip went VERY unexpected.

Hope you all are well!


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