When out of town the amount of water I consumed was hindered majorly.  They had us working outside for 14+ hours a day, and most of the days out there were cold.  So I wasn’t on top of drinking the ice cold water that had been sitting in the cooler, i’m small and get cold easily.  Cold water always just rushes right through my body.

What happened from that?  My body wasn’t getting it’s normal flushes.  Clearing out all the crap, and keeping myself from dehydration.  It just built up in my body and so I felt so bloated and so chunky….  on top of not being able to workout during that week.
Just from being back home these past few days and getting my diet back on track and my water intake back up, that bloated-ness is falling off like no tomorrow.  You really see a HUGE difference.  So if you feel bloated, bigger than normal, amp that water intake UP.  You will feel 10x better, and it’ll also aid in your appearance.

Small steps make huge differences.


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