My Top 4 Favorite Sport Bras

I wanted to share with with you what I have learned as far as do’s and don’ts when it comes to sport bras!  There are SO many out there that claim to be the best and lets be real: activewear clothes are expensive.  No matter what size you are, you do NOT want any sort of sport bra with underwire (something Victoria’s Secret claims makes for ‘the best sport bra ever’ NO, not to mention they break easily.)  Secondly, you don’t want a sport bra that has thick edges, especially over the chest area.  I have a sport bra that has a thick material lining where it sets over the boobs/cleavage area and it is incredibly uncomfortable whenever there’s weight against that area.

1)  Under Armour Seamless Sports Bra
UAsportbraThey currently do not have the EXACT one that I have, but the equivalent aside from a different back design would be the: UA Seamless Essential Sports Bra  The reason why I recommend this one is because it’s seamless, it claims compression however I have my straps as loose as they can get, and so it covers my breasts however does not squeeze them.  If you get very sensitive and sore breasts and for some time like I do these are extremely ideal to have for those days.  They are comfortable and still do the job.  KEEP IN MIND, if you do order online their sizing runs quite small.  I typically wear a 32C and the sister size 34B and I wear a Medium in these.  This is on sale right now on their website for $18.99 however they have more styles that aren’t on sale.  If you have a Under Armour outlet store near you I suggest checking that out since they usually have a bunch of sports bras in stock and you’ll be able to try them on plus save some money.

2) Jockey Performance Push-Up Seamless Sports Bra
jockeysportsbraThis one just might be my absolute favorite.  It has very slight padding but just enough to prevent any visible nip swords.  It’s also very comfortable and flattering.  You might see one other company making this exact same sports bra, and that’s totally fine.  I can’t remember the brand name right now but they’re both 100% the same.  As far as push-up action goes it’s not obvious…and it doesn’t feel like it.  You don’t feel squished and compressed.  Your breasts feel like they’re in a comfy place place and stay in place and that’s the main goal.  However this style does give you more of a slight cleavage look instead of a flat chested style like most sports bras do which is why I think this is a great bra for all sizes.  When you feel good and look good, I think your workout benefits greatly.  This retails for $34 through the Jockey website however I purchased all of mine in this style from TjMaxx for around $14?  Chances are your local Tjmaxx has this right in stock and will continue to do so if you want to save a few bucks!

3)  Lululemon Energy Bra
lululemonenergyThe first thing I want to say about this bra is that it claims to be for bustier women and I don’t believe that to be entirely true.  I ordered the green camo in size 4 (everything else by lulu i’m a size 2) the band fit perfectly and the breast section fit just as it does in the model pictured with some definition on top.  This one is a bit more compression based than the first two I mentioned, so if you’re looking for something a bit more high impact but is still comfortable and cute, I recommend this.  This is very comfortable and still can give you a very slight cleavage effect on top depending on your breast size.  I’m not even large breasted and it was still flattering for me and had that effect.  The downside with this is that it does retail for $48 but rest assured, sometimes has them on sale for a short time for around $29 but your best bet is to stop in store especially during one of their big sale periods and you’ll probably snag one for even less than that.

4) Moving Comfort Women’s FineForm Sports Bra
pDSP1-18491549dtFor starters it has a cute style, I want to provide two links for this product because I don’t want you guys to make the same mistake that I did when I purchased this.  Their sizing is different than any other company I’ve seen before.  This is the A/B Cup Sports Bra,  and this is the C/D Cup Sports Bra.  I apologize for the links going to two separate websites but on the Dick’s Sporting Goods website they do not carry the C/D size, however when I went into my local store they did have them in stock and on sale.  So like I mentioned i’m a 32C/34B, I purchased this A/B cup sports bra thinking that they didn’t go by cup size only by band size because on the tag I didn’t see any cup size mentioned until after I got home.  When I first put the bra on it’s very tight…and the fabric does give a bit after you get all sweaty in it but I really should’ve purchased the C/D i believe even though I don’t consider myself that big, normally that sort of sizing would probably be too large but in this instance, it’d be more comfortable. They aren’t exactly padded or even push-up, it’s like the cup material is of a very light soft foam.  It’s a very comfortable sports bra that prevents any nip action but also doesn’t have padding.  It feels like a swimsuit material on the outside, and the cups feel like a super light memory foam to the point I wouldn’t address it as a ‘padding’ but more like a to-stop-nips-from-showing in bikini tops.  The most unfortunate thing is that this sports bra retails for $50, but I have found it in Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Authority and from websites like on sale for way more reasonable prices.

I hope you ladies have enjoyed this post as i’ve tried to search for comfortable sports bras online myself and found no such luck.  Just a lot of buy me! buy me! gimmicks.  Have a great day!


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