CAP Barbell Pad Review


I’ve been using this for about the past 3-4 months now, enough to give a decent review. So far there’s been 0 wear and tear, and due to it having a smooth sweat-resistant lining it’s very easy to wipe clean. I only use it for free weighted barbell squats and weighted hip thrusts for reference. It’s a thinly cushioned bar pad, great for squats. My gym has very thick bar pads that have no ability to snap together (so they constantly fall off) which is why I purchased this. I’m petite so this is the perfect size for me to do my squats in comfort. The only negative thing I will say is that when I do weighted hip thrusts (with barbells) it doesn’t have the best padding. My hips still get sore, maybe not necessarily bruised, but sore a bit. Nothing that affects my workout but just a note to have if that is something you do often or want this specifically for that. Keep in mind I’m quite small so my hips protrude as I’m doing that workout which doesn’t help my case in the first place. But I did purchase this primarily for helping me execute squats and it has definitely done its job- I can’t complain. (Now if only it could help me squat heavier and heavier…. :’)   I personally purchased mine off of, it’s $37.98 with Amazon Prime.  However the price may change from time to time because when I purchased it, it was only $13.51 and i’m looking at the EXACT one that I purchased.

Yes this will fit any barbell size, I have also attached it onto a z-bar.


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