Healthy Snacking On the Go/Traveling

My absolute favorite go-tos have been beef jerky, protein/fiber bars, bringing an empty jug to fill with water and pre-made sandwiches from home. Depending on your layover in-between you don’t always have time to grab food, and more than likely whatever you grab is going to be rubbish. Like what I call the ‘Panera Bread effect’ IE: people think they’re eating healthy, yummy food in a café environment when really it’s loaded with carbs, calories, sugars, and you’ll more than likely blow up like a blowfish after…goodbye abs and looking/feeling thin. 1 full sandwich from them is loaded with about 1000 calories, so you’re eating a lot worse than you probably think.
If you’re questioning if you can bring an ice pack/ice-pack lunch bag, I would suggest you don’t. That is a very grey area as far as TSA is concerned. If you have a medical reason or you’re breast feeding that seems to be the only exception but other than that there is no definitive answer. You can pack one in the bag that you checked-in, but that doesn’t do you any good as far as what to eat when traveling to your destination.   You can pack fruit, small or large.
Recently TSA was found to miss a lot of safety hazard items when going through security, so different airports will be ramping up security in different ways due to this finding so I wouldn’t suggest trying anything that doesn’t have a for-sure answer, but that’s just my advice.

– Beef Jerky
– Protein/Fiber Bars
– Empty Water Jug
– Pre-made sandwiches
– Fruit


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