Cut It Out!

Lately, i’ve been having a rough time in the gym.  I’ll get very nauseous, on the verge of puking, breathing will be very difficult, and as far as my heart rate and sweating goes I’d easily be very worked up.  I was having a bit of a hard time trying to figure out the cause to this, my routine hadn’t changed much except the fact that now i’m in a relationship my boyfriend and I would grab coffee at night…which I think ended up being a factor in this.  However I then noticed some upset-stomach reactions to the times I was eating or drinking pure dairy products.

One thing for sure- caffeine and alcohol, build up in your system.  It may take X amount of time, but it will build up and hurt you.

Always eat before you work out, but try to separate the two by an hour or so (for me, if I work out less than a hour before eating- I start feeling like throwing up mid work-out)

Keep yourself hydrated.  It can negatively affect you if you lack hydration- even if it’s from the day before.  My water intake can always help settle my stomach.

I have a big love for coffee, but right now I just need to cut it out, and get to the root of what’s going on with me.  Today was the first day with no coffee and I didn’t get sick.  So i think I may have found the problem.  But always remember that goes with your alcohol intake too… so don’t do it too much/too often.  I hardly ever drink, but being the summer I have a few drinks a week (come on! watermelon flavored is seasonal! haha) but i’m cutting that out too until my performance is back at its peak and/or I find out what’s going on with me.  But for now I think this is the problem…so I just gotta let it clear out of my system.

It’s no fun, but hey.  Everyone has to screw up and fail in order to learn.


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