New Adidas Cosmic Boost Climachill Womens Shoe Review

IMG_1108 Here is what they look like- I apologize for the dirty floor in the pic but I took that picture when I was at work for that event.

Recently I worked at a local Adidas store grand opening.  I work sparingly as a Brand Ambassador/Promotional Model on a contract-by-contract basis.  My job was to represent the brand and give out promotional flyers on special grand opening deals the store had for that weekend.  The cool part about this was I got to pick out any Boost Shoe I wanted, as well as a more-so plain t-shirt and I got to keep them.

This was the first time I had ever tried on Adidas shoes, and thus the first pair i’ve ever owned.  For starters, Adidas seems to be a brand for flat-footed people.  In all the shoes I looked at there seemed to be no arch support, and I definitely have an arch so wearing these for a long time were not fun.  My feet were very sore after standing on my feet at work for 8 hours.  As far as these cosmic boosts go, the exterior lining of the shoes were a lot like Nike’s Flyknit Airmax.  So very thin, not a whole lot of support, you can move it with your toes, etc.  However the sides and the back have a thicker material and more support there compared to my Flyknit Airmaxs.

These are advertised as the Perfect Running Shoe, i’m not a runner so I don’t really know what would qualify as a good running shoe but i’d imagine these to be terrible for your arch.

The oddest part about these, they have a very thin tongue for the shoe, with a rough like-plastic lining around it.  Which itched SO badly, and were very uncomfortable.  Only avoidable if you wear high enough socks OR fold the tongue in half…  Which I didn’t figure out until the 2nd day of work, however it left a mark on my ankles!

FullSizeRender (23)
You see the dark spot right in the middle on both ankles? (I apologize for my sock marks haha)  They’re from the tongue of these shoes… they don’t seem to be bruises, or hives, they aren’t raised or anything, but whatever they are they were from the shoes…where it was itching a tremendous amount.

I did work out with these a few times, and they’re fine.  I wouldn’t wear them if I knew I was going to be on my feet a lot.  They aren’t really good for leg day, there’s barely any support and cushion at the bottom of the shoes so with workouts where you have to push or have a lot of weight it’s not comfortable… they definitely are not good for lunges.  It’s very hard to stabilize yourself in these shoes with weights despite my first impression of them.  I’m just not really impressed.  I picked this pair out due to being really cute, but they are not gym-approved or on-your-feet-a-lot-approved!  Thumbs down.

Here is the link to them on the Adidas’s Website; They retail for $140.00.


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