Recommended Read

Recently I really got excited about learning in order to improve my workouts and my diet.  (Right now i’m struggling with both of those due to personal life issues but we’ll ignore that for now)

I still haven’t found a book for clean eating/recipes that I was looking for.  Cooking isn’t really natural for me… I mean I can do it but variety is very limited.
But as for womens fitness/aesthetics/muscle learning, I did find an excellent read.


It’s by Frédéric Delavier and Michael Gundill, it’s called Women’s Strength Training Anatomy Workouts.  Now call me old fashioned but whenever i’m looking for a book, I go to a bookstore.  The internet is a great source but I can’t handle looking at thousands and thousands of different options without just being able to open it up and skim through it.  Aka I saw how much it is on and i’m mentally beating myself up hahaha.  It’s $11.02 for the paperback version if you have Amazon Prime.

What I like about it, it’s very in depth and I have been able to learn from it.  It’s split into many different sections, learning about the specific muscles, learning about work-outs and which combo of work-outs helps compliment specific muscles, teaches you about the pros and cons of stretching and what to do, what not to do, what combos not to do, so on and so forth.  It also emphasizes on the different bodies men and women have, and how machines are typically made for the body type of a man, but how we can use them, and/or alternatives.  Which is awesome if you’ve ever used a machine and it just doesn’t feel right.  It might not be you, and that’s okay.  I just wanted to give it a shout out, i’m also going to try a handful of things routinely and get back with you guys on it.  Let you know what I think and how it’s helped me and maybe what works and what doesn’t work for me.


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