Leg Day Tip!

Something I started doing recently and it has helped me progress dramatically.
When applicable, work each leg separately.  So single-leg all the things.
Do the leg extensions(BIG BURN!), leg presses, so on, per leg.  Not as a pair.
You will feel the burn so much more, and you will progress much faster.
Isolating workouts as much as possible is the best way to go.

I recently started doing single leg presses and leg presses on the linear leg press machine, it’s been a very positive change and is helping me with my squats as well.  My right leg has always been my dominant/stronger leg and that has shown a lot when I perform squats.  Since starting isolating the two my left leg is strengthening up a lot and catching up to my right, to the point where I don’t notice any sort of leg-dominance when performing squats.

I perform single leg presses on the linear machine and then I switch over to my typical leg presses afterwards.  Just wanted to share a milestone that I hit recently! 3 45’s on each side!  I know for sure on my next leg day it’ll be more than that too 😉

Give it a try!  You WILL feel it and fall in love with it!


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