Crunch Time

Helllloooo everybody.

You guys seemed to have really liked my last post so thank you so much for the love 🙂

I realize a lot of people workout before work, after work, or on their lunch break, long story short:  You don’t have much time, or you’re so exhausted you don’t want to spend over an hour grinding it out.

You don’t necessarily need to be spending a lot of time in the gym to get a good workout.  Unintentionally recently i’ve been testing this out myself.  I’ve noticed my workouts have been about an hour long or less. (except for the muscle specific days that always take longer than that)   Ironically i’ve been feeling it a lot more than I normally would, and what i’ve been doing is amping up the intensity(speed and/or weights), lowering the rest periods, and executing fewer amounts of workouts.  Something that has helped me a lot as far as progress: implementing drop sets.  I’ve been specifically using that method with my biceps, rows, squats, pull downs, single leg presses, and leg extensions.

If you don’t know what that is, it’s when you do as many reps as you can with your highest weight, where i’d say you’re hitting anywhere from 6-8reps then you drop the weight, and do as many more reps until failure every set.  I don’t use a specific formula as far as drop sets go, I perform the highest weight and then I lower it to the point where I know it’d still work the muscle pretty hard and is executable and can be worked to failure on.  For example on squats I go from squatting a total of 115lbs and then drop it to 65lbs.  When performing the single leg extension I go from 40lbs to 25lbs.  Single leg press on the dip assist machine I go from 105lbs to 75lbs.  Biceps I go from 17.5lbs to anywhere from 12.5-15lbs.  It’s all relative to you, cutting the weight in half tends to be too easy for me so I just say do whatever works for you.

When you cut the rest periods in between sets it also keeps your heart rate up, so on top of getting a more intense/quicker workout your body also stays in fat-burning mode.  It’s pretty much a win-win.   Your muscles will feel the burn a whole lot more so you’ll even feel better yourself, like you got a much better workout than you normally do.

Enjoy 🙂


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