Hey guys!

Another whats-going-on-with-me post.  This month is a pretty busy month for me so if there is quite a bit of time in between posts (a week or two) that’s why.  I just came back today from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and then I leave in 10 days for Monterey, California.  I REALLY wanted to record some things for my blog while I was away to give some in-place-of workout tips but the equipment required was not accessible.  The hotel I stayed at had a very weird gym lol.

I will be honest, due to happenings that have gone on with me this past month this week that I was away I used it to enjoy time with my friends/co-workers.  Aka late nights after work and alcohol.  Which is completely fine.  I logged 61 hours across 5 work days, with 2 days starting at 7am and ending at 9:30pm.

When i’m away for this job a lot of the time we work crazy hours and I note that as completely okay in my book to not exhaust myself even more by an intense workout.  (Although that wasn’t possible at that location anyway.)  But I make sure I eat frequently, get my protein and vitamins.
Something else in my life is going on and although we all know the unstoppable outcome of it, it seems it’ll be coming sooner rather than later so I may have another unexpected flight for x amount of time in the future that is all family related.
But i’ll try to keep this blog up with frequent posts as much as I can.  I haven’t gotten my hotel info for my upcoming trip yet and I’m familiar with the area and the situation of it so if the place i’m staying at doesn’t have a gym, i’m SOL.  In which case i’ll amp up my protein intake lol.

Hope you all are having a good day!  I woke up at 4am, after falling asleep around midnight…finally got home around noon and now i’m resting up hahah.


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