Neon Sport Kinetic BCAA – SAA Supplement Review

neon sport kinetic watermelon-700x700

So this is the amino acids supplement I have been taking these past two months.  When I ran out of my prior tub of aminos (different brand) I felt like “meh, i’ve been running out of that stuff so fast.  I don’t think I need it.”  Two weeks later: I AM DEAD.  I NEED HELP RECOVERING.  Naturally i’m terrible at recovering haha.  I decided I wanted to try something different and this product had pretty good reviews.  It’s made up of BCAA’s and SAA’s.  SAA’s were a completely new thing to me and it stands for Silk Amino Acids.  They seem to be used for a few different things and its impact on muscle development/recovery still is a bit of a blur to me.

What are SAA’s?
Silk Amino Acids are a mixture of amino acids obtained from the cocoon of the Silk Worm Bombix Mori. The mixture of amino acids is very high in the amino acids serine and aspartate, and some versions are rich in tyrosine as well.

The protein can be found in a hydrolyzed (pre-digested) form known as Sericin-S, or as a undigestible form known as Sericin-L. The undigestible form appears to exert protective effects on the colon and intestinal tract, whereas the hydrolyzed form can beneficially affect systemic (post-intestinal) metabolic functions.

Sericin also appears to beneficially affect the skin, in both a protective sense (anti-oxidation, anti-UV radiation) as well as increasing moisture content. These effects may be seen with both topical application or ingestion.

It looks to be a promising compound, but no human studies on health have been conducted. (Taken from

Why are BCAA (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) so important and helpful with recovery?  They are composed of the most critical amino acids for muscle growth—leucine, isoleucine, and valine. –Leucine directly turns on muscle protein synthesis.

For the record I got the flavor Watermelon.
This retails for $44.99 from their website directly.  Other than that it varies on 🙂

What I Liked:
-The flavor is strong and is yummy.
-It works!
-Lasts quite a while for me personally. (Explanation below)

What I Didn’t Like:
-It’s not 100% finely milled, so at the bottom of every drink you get a bunch of gritty powder.
-When you receive the container it’s already 1/2 full.
-A full serving (1 scoop) made me sick during my workout so I always had to cut them in 1/2 servings.

Supplement Sensitivity:
I feel like this is very important for me to point out since I am reviewing a supplement based off of my own personal experiences.  I’m not sure what it is, I haven’t pin-pointed the cause or if it’s a specific ingredient.  But I have found certain supplements just make me sick mid workout.  Thankfully this one was one I was able to avoid, by cutting down the serving size however; that is not always the case.  Just because I got sick from 1 scoop doesn’t mean you will too.  (I get sick from Optimum Nutritions Amino Energy, and Cutler Pre-Workout mid workout as well.  However both of those are unavoidable no matter the serving.)  Perhaps it has to do with my size or whatever the case, I don’t know.

I have enjoyed this aminos supplement, and the taste is superb.  But I don’t think this is a product I will be repurchasing.  Simply because for the same price I can get aminos for double+ the amount of servings, and not have to worry about feeling sick from them.  Not to mention the gritty taste at the very end (no matter how much you shake it up) isn’t a fun time.  They totally work though.  I’ll just be reverting to my old bestie.  Expect a review of that later on.


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