Grow Your Arms!

Like many women, my weakest point is my arms.  I’ve always had a stronger-than-average in the female department as far as upper body strength, but that doesn’t include my arms one bit hahah.

Something very very huge to implement for building them up is drop sets.
Drop Sets are where you start off with your highest weight and after so many reps you drop the amount of weight and go until failure.

I’ve been switching from the bicep curl machine and doing this with free-weights as well.  However i’ve been enjoying using the bicep curl machine because I feel it allows me to full on focus on my bicep muscle only.  I do the heaviest weight until fail on each arm, then I drop the weight down and go until fail again.  Repeatedly until my arms are so worked i’m barely able to do them in general.  On the bicep curl machine I start off at 17.5lbs for each arm, and then i’ll drop it to about 10lbs.  Even though the machine is designed to do both arms at once, I like to do each arm separately allowing me to fully focus on my entire form, movement, and push myself to do as many as physically possible.

From that I switch over to working triceps.  I head on over to a tricep push-down machine and do about 4 sets of 10.

I then head on over to a bench and the free weights and do tricep-kickbacks.   For this I implemented slight drop sets the last time I executed them.  Just because I’m in between weights and there isn’t an in between weight for what I need.  So I’d go from doing 8 reps of 15lbs, and then switch down to 12.5lbs and go until failure there.  I do about 4 sets of that and then in between those I will do tricep dips on the side of the bench.

Free Weighted Tricep Kickbacks

Free Weighted Tricep Kickbacks

I have yet to start implementing these although I plan on it on my next arm day for my biceps:  Alternate Hammer Curls.

Next I’ll do tricep push downs.   I try to go until failure on these for each set.

Then i’ll alternate between single cable tricep extensions and bicep curls using the cable.

I always try to work my arm muscles until failure.  To the point where even after a rest after 2 or 3 reps they’re just done.  It’s been a really good training method for me.  Drop sets are huge for me personally when it comes to growing and progressing with my arms, without I don’t get as good as a workout and I feel progress takes twice as long.


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