Most Recent Progress Pics!

I am unbelievably proud and happy with my progress and my accomplishments so far.  I started weight lifting Aug 1st, 2014.  And this is me presently.  I have come a long way.  When I started, I started off with basics.  I didn’t know anything and I didn’t have anyone to assist me or guide me along the way.  Everything to date has been self taught, aside from a few things my ex taught me.  But I went into this knowing jack and now I find myself learning everyday.  Whether it’s learning my body, what’s working, what isn’t, how to better every thing I’m doing, maximize every workout.  Once you jump into it, it just doesn’t stop.  Lately I’ve focused on putting on muscle, growing and growing.  I’m not fussing about how lean I am and how lean I look.  I’m trusting the process and doing what I feel my body needs, what I feel is best for my muscle growth.  Muscle growth has been hard for me this past year but I believe that’s because I was trying to lean up and “bulk up” at the same time.  But by doing things that cancel each other out.  So right now I’m focusing on making these muscles grow, and making this body strong.  
Honestly this process has been even more exciting.  As the muscle packs on I’m watching the scales number grow higher, but also my body lean up and lose a little bit of excess body fat along the way.  That is why I feel so comfortable trusting this process that I’m sticking to now.   I’m seeing it happen and I know it’s happening.  Just what I’ve been working for since day 1.   

Something I’m super proud and happy to announce! I am up to 168lbs single leg press, and 393lbs leg presses.  That was 2 leg days ago… I’m aiming for higher tomorrow!  I am a tiny girl that wears kids pants and only stands at 5’2″.  Never underestimate what the human body can do.  Never.  



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