Let’s Talk about Motivation

The advice i’m going to give applies to everyone.  However some experiences that I will talk about are from a womans perspective, since were not all treated the same unfortunately.

A lot of people have an infrequent gym routine, where they will maybe go 2-3 times a week or not go at all.  You don’t get results that way and they know that.  They tell me they lack motivation and ask for motivation.  Honestly, I can’t give you that.  That’s all you.  Just like how you find the motivation to go to work everyday, or work at all.  That’s all you.
Why do you work?  To live.  Why do you work?  To live on your own.  Why do you work?  To eat.  Why do you work?  To buy that ‘name whatever item’ you want.
The same applies to working out.
You workout or you want to workout because:  You want to look good naked.  You want a hot bod.  You want to be more appealing to women or men.  Or you just want to be strong.
Whatever the reason, it takes motivation to do everything you do.  You find the motivation to do everything else, so why can’t you for this?

I used to be really shy and uncomfortable around a lot of people(long story as to what got me there).  About looking stupid trying something new.  But as I got older I learned only great things happen once you get out of your comfort zone and try new things.  Stop being nervous about something and drag it out/prolong it, just go and DO IT.  Get it over with already.  It’s a lot better that way.

No one can make you strong, motivated, un-shy, un-nervous, you just gotta do that yourself.  You grow as an individual when you do that.  A lot of people have a lot of growing to do, let’s be honest.

You’re not going to reach any of your fitness goals by being shy and scared and unwilling to do it all.  It’s a double negative because you will keep doing whatever it is you’re doing and keep feeling like rubbish about yourself.  It’s a double negative that you refuse to fix, and you only make yourself feel worse for it.

When I started my fitness journey into weight training:  I knew nothing other than the basics I learned over the internet.  Through Bodybuilding.com, Youtube, and other various resources.  I started off small and continued to learn over time.  I knew I probably looked retarded, I knew not everything I was doing was in great and/or perfect form, but I was learning and growing.  Everyone starts somewhere and to judge someone for learning something new is a very poor character trait.  Anyone who judges you:  Forget them.  They’re a shit person for trying to bring someone down.

Being a woman and getting into weight training:  Expect crap.  I wish I could say otherwise, but I can’t.  Expect crap.
I’m a bit of a testy person, I have anger and it can easily be bubbled up.  But i’m good at biting my tongue when I feel necessary.  Anyone that’s an ass and tries to insult you:  Not worth arguing with.  I just look down on them and continue on my way.  As you should.

But you will get guys who try to tell you what to do, try to treat you like you know nothing, so on and so forth.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  There’s some genuinely good people in the gym who will show you better exercises for something you’re trying to target.  Or just teach you new things, that’s all fine and dandy.  This is a field where you continuously learn and grow- as you need to.  But someone who goes about it in a negative way, or talks you down, tries to control you: No.  When you first start out I feel like you get a lot of crap.  I did personally, but over time I got less crap and got more challenged(In a positive way.)

But don’t let that scare you.  You have to be a strong person, that is a very important personality trait/character trait; at least to me.  Learn to handle the crap, and grow.  You will be thankful for it and you will be a bigger person for it.

If you want to get fit, DO IT.  Put the work in.  No one else is going to do that for you.
I don’t want to see you envying/hating over people who put the work in and worked their asses off for it.  It’s a lot of work, and a lot of time, a lot of structure and discipline.  You must earn what you want, it’s not handed to you freely.

Also… let’s be honest.  I don’t always want to go to the gym, and I have to talk myself into and force myself to go.  Then I have binges where I go with no problem.  It’s good for you, It’s good for your health: mentally & physically, just go and get it over with.  🙂  You’ll never regret it.

I had to:


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