Fitness & Our Individual Bodies

I wanted to briefly touch on this subject due to something i’ve just had to come to terms with.

A funny thing about training, especially when you’re adding weights on top of your own body weight, you learn things about your body.  Not everyones joints connect the same way, not everyones bones are connected the same, the same alignment, so on and so forth.  Unfortunately you usually find out these kinds of things by pains.  Not muscle pains, but legitimate, negative pains.  You learn to easily tell the difference.

Something that works for someone else, may not work for you.

I’ve had a hard time diagnosing why I have this problem, and what specifically is causing it- I honestly still don’t know.  I just know it for sure is my long head bicep femoris region in my left leg only.  I specifically cannot do any leg curls for a hamstring workout (Lying or sitting.  Sitting is less harsh on it, but still bad.)  I think it has more to do with tendons and/or ligaments in the area, but the whole time even if I try to baby it and keep the weights low, the whole time it pops.  Then the next several days it’s incredibly sore, stiff, and i’ll be limping.  The first time I discovered this (about 8 months ago, I stopped doing the workout altogether.  But I revisited it recently to see if I could) I kept at it until it got very sore and slight bruising appeared.  How bad it was damaged was actually a lot worse this time after just 1 workout.  Long story short, i’m just forgetting that workout because it’s not good for me.  But that’s part of the process.

Some things work for others, while they wont work for you.  We each have our own strengths and weaknesses.  Our own injuries, or quirks.  Own structure, build.  We are all different.


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