New Segment: Tracking Workouts. Arms

I’ve been using the app MyFitnessPal to somewhat track my macros.
As well as that i’ve been logging in the workouts I did for that day.  (It really doesn’t do anything, it calculates calories burned on cardio but nothing for strength training.)

I’m not sure if this is something you guys would be interested in but I figured I might as well start off the idea anyway!

My workouts always vary on what I do that day, I do legs about 3x a week, and then fill in days with cardio, back/shoulders, and arms.  I also try to incorporate some sort of booty workout each day.

I always listen to my body and I never want to over-tax joints or bones.  Like this last leg day my knees were bothering me and this was right after my tendon/ligament pain finally started going away, so I strayed away from workouts that are harsh on the knees to let them recover.  On my last cardio day after about 35 minutes of cardio my tendon/ligament “injury” started hurting again (it wasn’t 100% healed yet at that point) so I called it quits there.  At this point I feel like it’s completely healed, I heavily worked out my hamstrings a day ago and had no trouble with it.  I don’t care if anyone says differently, listen to your body.  Your health comes first.  Avoid injury, and try to prevent injury as much as possible.  Putting stress on top of stress is never good, especially if you’re going heavy.

Yesterday I worked arms.  I personally work biceps and triceps on the same day, I enjoy working the opposing muscles after the other.  Here is an article from about supersetting opposing muscles.  The article also contains a link which explains what supersets are 🙂

On arm day I don’t superset all my workouts, but I do when i’m working with free weights and cable workouts.
Recently i’ve been loving the bicep curl machine, the one where you sit down and there’s two bars.  One for each arm.  I like this machine because I feel it allows me to focus more on my bicep and less on my back form.  The way the machine works is you pick a weight and it divides it per side.  So this past workout I did 20lbs per arm, I started out by doing 12 reps per arm(the most I could do to failure).  Then I did 20lbs per arm at 10 reps.  Switched down to 17.5lbs per arm and burnt out at that.  Then I did 20lbs per arm again, this time I did two sets up to 8 reps then switched down to 17.5lbs again and burnt out at that.  For each amount of weight I moved- I performed the rep until I couldn’t complete another rep, then I dropsetted to a lower weight and went until I couldn’t complete another rep again.  I feel this style is a huge help for building up your arms especially if that is your toughest muscle to build like me.

I then went over to the Tricep Dip Machine, I did about 2 sets of 10-12 reps at 100lbs.  (This machine hurts my palms a bit and they were especially sensitive so I kept the sets low)

Headed over to the free-weights area and did Hammer Curls.  The weights I typically lift these at were all missing… seriously 4 pairs of the same weight were all gone… <_<  So I had to up the weight this time.  (This was only my 2nd time performing these as they’re new to my workout)  So at 17.5lbs per arm I believe I did about 8 reps each, then I drop setted to the only 12.5lb dumbell that was around and burnt out with that.  I did about 4 or 5 sets of that workout.  I went until I couldn’t even perform 3 reps at 17.5lbs.

I supersetted that with tricep dips off of the bench.  I did 15 reps at first, then 12, then 10.

After those were completed I started doing bicep curls with a 30lb barbell, I did about 3 sets.  The first set was 10 reps, the second was 12, the third was 10.
I supersetted these with tricep kickbacks with 15lb dumbells.  (They magically came back sometime during my previous workouts lol)  I did 4 sets of varying reps.  Ranging from 8-12.

I then headed over to the cable machine and performed bicep curls with a V shaped bar.  At 30lbs I did 3 or 4 sets at 10-12 reps.  Combined with Tricep push downs at 35lbs.  I did about 3 sets of those at 8-10reps.

In between some of these I worked my abs, something i’m easing back into my workout after putting off for a few months.  (I wanted more so to focus on building up my main muscles and worrying about leaning out more first)  I did 2 sets of your typical crunches.  The first set was at 15 reps, the second was at 12.  I switched to the crunch bench, it was at the deepest angle and I performed 2 sets at 12 reps each.  The trick to get the extra burn on that is don’t go all the way down(where you back is completely touching the bench) When you’re at a good angle and your lower back is slightly touching the bench hold it, then go back up to complete another rep.

I’m sorry if this was hard to understand I tried my best haha.  It’s very repetitive but that’s just how it is.  If this is something you guys would be interested in let me know.

By no means am I a professional, i’m just speaking from my experience and sharing it with you all.  This is what has been working for me, and i’ve been racking up progress a lot lately so it excites me to share it all 🙂


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