Booty Workouts!

Something new i’ve implemented into my workout involves a weight of any kind (plate, dumbbell, barbell, kettle ball, etc) and leg resistance bands.  Currently I am using: SPRI Braided Lateral Resistor in the Ultra Heavy Resistance band.  I hold a 25lb plate to my chest, squat down, and crab walk to my left 10 steps, and my right 10 steps.  Each 2 steps counting as 1.  You will feel the burn!  Be sure to stretch beforehand or you can pull some crotch muscles and that doesn’t feel good.

Grab about 3 different weighted dumbbell, or kettle balls.  For example 30, 40, 50 lbs. If you’re using a dumbbell grab one side of the dumbbell with both hands, hold it at your waist and squat down.  Do at least 10 reps per weight, then go to the next weight, and the next.  If you really want to work those glutes and activate them, change your squat stance.  There are a few different squat forms.
Narrow Squat,  Sumo Squat, then your basic.
If you want to up the difficulty and maximize the butt muscle as much as possible, put your weight all in your heel.  To maximize this place down two 5lb plates on the ground, put your toes on the plates and your heel on the floor.  Now squat, also make sure to clench your buttox as much as possible when coming up!

Now this is a workout i’ve mentioned before, Barbell Hip Thrusts.  You will feel the glute pull and clench!  Highly highly highly recommend using a bar pad.  My hips easily bruise especially from this workout even with a bar pad!

Possibly, even change your goal when squatting.  Instead of squatting at your heaviest, and only doing maybe the 6-8reps that you can do at that weight, tone down the weight some.  So that it’s still heavy, still a bit difficult, but you can maximize those reps up to 15-20+  Again, keep changing up your form.  Put down two 5lb plates on the ground to put all that weight into your heels.

I also recommend deadlifts, glute kickbacks, and leg presses for the bum.  Deadlifts personally make it a lot easier to clench my bum and getting that maximum booty work as well as working those hamstrings!
Glute kickbacks, as seen in my previous booty post.  Check it out here.
Now lets talk leg presses.  When I talk leg presses I have 2 different versions in mind.  The ones that I do on the linear leg press machine, and the ones that I do on the dip assist machine.  Head on over my older booty post to learn about the dip assist leg presses that I love to do for the bum!
Now the linear leg press, this is all about the form to work that booty!  You want to keep both your feet in a close form, the foot platform on mine has a handle at the top in the middle, a logo in the center.  I put each foot on either side of the logo, and my toes at the top of the platform so that a little bit of my toes are hanging off the top of the platform.  As pictured here!  I also use the same rule for my single leg presses.  This is the most difficult form on this machine, but it really does use and activate those glutes.

I’m going to start devoting a time of my workout everyday to working on at least one of these.  I really want to build up this rump.  It’s about damn time haha.  Especially since i’ve learned more and more how to maximize it all, and i’ve seen the little bit of progress already from this past week!   Keep the booty happy and strong!  Do all the things! ;D


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