Want to get into fitness and weight training?

When I first got into this journey I knew nothing.  I learned more and more about the benefits of weight training, both physically and mentally.  I learned I would never look like a man or have the build of a man.  That it’s a very long process and it’ll take me years to reach my ultimate goal.  I wanted to get into something new and exhilarating.  I wanted to be very toned, drop this body fat, and strong.  I am quite small so before I started all of this I was very weak.  Feeling inadequate at all has always bothered me.  I’m pretty competitive at heart so it cut to me deep lol.  Not to mention I have always been an individual where safety and protection have meant a great deal to me.  It is within me that I HAVE to be able to protect myself and arm myself.  I cannot and will not ever expect or want someone else to do that for me because that includes putting all my eggs in that one basket and that’s just not me.

Because I knew nothing and was starting from nothing I started with using my own bodies resistance.  I mainly went with workouts from XFit Daily on Youtube.  They have a combination of HIIT workouts(High Intensity Interval Training), as well as basic training to build yourself up at home without weights or fitness accessories.  I do recommend having some sort of a yoga mat, and a pair of ‘womens weights’ IE: light dumbbells to have.  Since a lot of the workouts are done on the floor and unless you have carpeted flooring it’ll feel a lot better if you have a mat.  Blankets slide and if they slip on the floor (which they will) that can cause you to get hurt and injure yourself.  Go to your nearest TJMaxx (or equivalent if you aren’t in the U.S.) and pick yourself up a pair of each for cheap 🙂   For dumbbells I recommend about 5lbs.

Another recommendation and this might only apply to a few of you, if you have an Xbox with a Kinect, check out Xbox Fitness.  They’re routines from fitness professionals and they really work.  They have workouts ranging from 15 minutes to an hour or more long.  They really get your blood pumping and you might even learn a thing or two.  This will also help you a lot with perfecting forms.  Quite a bit of routines are free, at least if you have a Xbox Live Gold membership, however some you still have to pay for.  You get achievements, you break records, you break a sweat and get a good workout.  There’s really no negative from trying this out!

I recommend doing any sort of muscle building, resistance training first, then follow up at the end with any cardio.  This way any glycogen stores in your body are used up for those muscles, with the most energy used on your muscles instead of running or whatever the case.

Rule Of Thumb No Matter What You Do:
It’s not going to be easy, it’s not going to be fun, it’s not going to feel great, and you’re going to be sore.  Possibly walking like a penguin the next day.  But it’s all worth it.  The way we get our muscles to grow is by tearing the tissue, that’s why it hurts.  But the pain means growth.  Pain is good.  Start off by doing this 3X a week.  That way you can give yourself some recovery time to get used to the pain, allow your body to heal.  If you toughen out through the pain it honestly gets better.  Over time it doesn’t feel as bad as it does when you first start.  You might not think you ever will like the pain but watch.  You’ll be like me.  Where you wake up and your ass hurts like hell, sitting on it hurts like hell.  But you’re like YAY MY BUTT HURTS!!

Everyone is different so I can’t say for sure how long you should be doing these workouts.  I honestly would say about a month tops.  You will feel all the workouts becoming easier and a lot less work.  The point is for you to continue to progress and grow, shape up, you need the constant battle.  You go heavier, and you go harder.  That’s when it’s time to graduate to a gym and start moving ‘real’ weights.  The goal is constantly upping the intensity, the weights.  Lowering rest periods.

I full on do not believe in programs that focus on using your own body weight and solely only your body weight.  You will deadpan.  Workouts are great using your own body weight, it’s a great resource to use your own weight against yourself.  But it isn’t if that’s all you’re doing.  You will also grow bored if that’s all you do.
Variety is key, mixing it up is key.

I learned a lot of workouts, I learned forms, so on and so forth from YouTube videos, as well as from videos posted by IFBB professionals.  Use that mirror to perfect your form, critique yourself and your movements.  It’s not there for you to check yourself out, it’s there to form check your movements.  Form is everything.


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