Simple, Healthy Snacks!

FullSizeRender (27)
Hummus & Mini Pita Bread 🙂

I’ve been on this kick for a month to two months now and have yet to grow tired of it.  There are so many different flavors of hummus as well.  80 Calories per 5 pita breads, with only 12g carbs(The bag says 9g effective carbs, but nutritional facts list 12g total), and 6g protein just with the pita bread alone.  Very simple and easy.

We all enjoy quick and easily obtainable snacks, well here you go.  Something you can easily grab and nom on without grabbing something unhealthy.

FullSizeRender (28)
Another snack i’ve been LOVING!  Sargento Balanced Breaks.  They also make these with White Cheddar Cheese and Almonds.  They are absolutely delicious!  These can be found at grocery stores and even Walmarts.

And then Quest Bars!  I recent came across a ton of different flavors at a local Bed, Bath and Beyond.  The Mint Chocolate Chunk was my absolute favorite!  Lemon Cream Pie wasn’t all that great in my opinion, and the Cookies and Cream was really good too 🙂  They are yummy, filling protein bars with very low or nonexistent sugars, carbs, and high fiber + protein!  A yummy protein shake in bar form. 😉

Happy snacking, food can be healthy and still amazing :}


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