Deadlifts: The New Bae + Progress

I’ve been back for a week now, after having quite of bit of time off from the gym due to being away (as mentioned in a post from yesterday.)  So don’t expect any big changes and maybe they will be changes only I can see! lol.

But I developed a new love… and it’s with Deadlifts.  Varying types.
I think booty development workouts vary from person to person, whether that’s from mind-muscle connection or not, I have no clue.  But DL’s seem to be the key for my bum haha.  I have noticed my lower back getting more and more toned, curving in more, and my booty slowly rising.  To which case i’m over here like

Screaming Silently: FINALLLYYYY

Screaming Silently: FINALLLYYYY

My hamstrings have also grown tremendously over these past two months, when I realized I haven’t been working them enough.  But they’ve definitely made up for it in a short amount of time.

To realllyyy work the bum: Sumo Deadlifts
To directly hit those hamstrings: Stiff-Leg Deadlift
Also try Romanian Deadlifts.  I like these for strictly the butt, trying to keep the hamstrings not-so-worked, as I like to work in butt days instead of leg days from time to time.
The biggest rule of thumb, keep the weight heavy, but still be able to work the entire set and keep your form.  The weight is where you will really get your results.

It’s hard to see when they are on top of the other, but for one I want to point out one big issue.  In the JULY 2015 pic: I am putting my weight on one leg, so it’s giving my butt that added ‘plump’ look.  (You probably know what I mean!)  In the OCTOBER 2015 pic, I have my weight evenly distributed on both legs.  But look at my lower back.  In the October picture my lower back curves in more than it did in July.  My butt is also rising higher than it previously did and a bit rounder too.  Look at how much more toned my Quads and Hamstrings are in October than they were in July.  It’s very hard to see, but they just look overall tighter and cleaner in the Oct pic.

I admit I have not been dieting well since I left for Dallas in September, and starting today I intend on getting back on track with my clean eating.  When I feel I have more progress to show i’ll share it with you all.


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