Lululemon Style Dupes

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And yes, the mesh wraps around entirely 🙂

So I was in Tjmaxx the other day, and I came across a brand, possibly two, that seemed to be focused on recreating Lululemon styles for less.  Now, keep in mind the fabric used it the same mesh, but normal yoga pant material although both were thicker than the standard fabric.  None of the luxtreme, luon fabric that we all love and know from lululemon however.

The two brands I found were Scorpio Sol (I tried to find a website but I couldn’t find one at all!?)  and the other one was Reflex.  (I did some searching and it looks like it may be the brand 90 Degrees by Reflex.  The website didn’t have the exact pair I purchased however I did recognize some designs as one Lululemon uses.)

Trying to find more information on Scorpio Sol, I guess they did some work for the activewear company Glyder.  <- At that website you will find a lot of lululemon dupes!  The only thing is on that website they’re cheaper than Lulu but…. a lot more than I paid just by going into my local Tjmaxx.  The two bottoms I got, one was $14.99 and the other was $19.99.  I’ve since worked out in both of these and have no issues.  They definitely run true-to-size as well 🙂

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