LG Electronics Tone+ Stereo Bluetooth Headset Review

So if you follow me on Instagram, or frequently see the pictures from my page posted up on here, these might look pretty familiar to you!  These are the headsets I use in the gym.  I’ve been using them for a year now, come Christmas 🙂

FullSizeRender (14)
Now I want to let you know, since purchasing this pair I believe they have come out with a newer version.  I am reviewing the Tone+, the newer versions are listed here (From newest to oldest).  I can’t speak for the others, just this pair 🙂

First and foremost: I love these.  They are so easy and out of the way!

– Wireless
– Light Weight
– Easy To Clean
– Sweat Proof
– Can be wrapped under/with my sports bra strap to stay in place when stretching
– Inexpensive.  Got these for like $40-$50 from Amazon.com
– Lasting quite well, No problems!
– Long Battery life.  I workout about 6 days a week at least an hour long, have to charge maybe every 1.5-2 weeks.
– Very flexible.

– If you’re into a lot of dubstep or the like, music with a lot of bass, these don’t handle that type of audio all too well.  It sounds off.

I’ve only had connection issues twice, 1- was from a software update glitch from Apple.  Somehow the update screwed up the bluetooth ability.  And the 2nd- Failure to ever turn my phone off lol.  After I restarted everything was fine.

Prior to I always worked out with a corded headset, this is just so much better and out of the way! I love the color options too!  Personally i’m not a huge fan of earbud headsets, to me they always tend to be big and/or pretty tough, just not comfortable for my ears.  But this pair doesn’t bother me at all.  It isn’t firm, so it comfortably sits in your ear.  I get questions about these quite a bit in the gym, All you need to do is turn your bluetooth settings on, turn the headset on, pick the decide to connect to- and it connects.  After initially connecting for the first time, whenever you turn your bluetooth settings on, along with the headset, it connects within a second.


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