Nike Zoom Pegasus 31 Review

I purchased this pair about 2 months ago, I ordered them online while I was up in Massachusetts.  First and foremost:  I am not a runner, I do not use these for running.

These are my first pair of Nike’s with a partially black outsole.  Day one of wearing them, before I even started working out the black had rubbed onto the hot pink fabric.  So instead of jumping right into my workout, I scrubbed off the black on the pink… (I wanted to check first to see if it’d easily come off.  And it does for the most part, with scrubbing)  But it’s such a ridiculous problem.  I’ve never experienced this with any other Nike outsoles.

Support wise, i’ll compare them to Flyknit’s.  The shoe has a lot of give, my feet don’t slide around as much as they do in my Flyknit Airmax’s, however they do move.  I love them for squats, hate them for leg presses.  Squats because I find balance wise, and bottom support it helps aid with my squats and focusing on keeping my weight in my heel.  Hate them on the leg press because my feet press forward into the shoe and it’s uncomfortable.

They weren’t 100% what I was looking for (I’m seeking a shoe with full support and no weak points…I shouldn’t see my toes poking out at the front during my workouts…and believe me i’m wearing the right size!)  But they are great for the few workouts I use them intentionally for.  I also wear them on non leg days and when I do cardio.  The transfer of outsole color though, there’s no excuse for that.  Especially on a shoe that is made with a bright hot pink fabric.


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