Where Have You Been?!

I kinda took a hiatus recently.
1- Not having much to talk about
2- Work and
3- Traveling.

I’ve been picking up more jobs lately to earn more of an income especially with the holidays coming up and tax season, all the while trying to figure it all out.   I know I can be successful, I know I have a calling… I just don’t know what it is yet.

I do have some new things I want to talk about though, but i’m going to give it some time before I get all into it and in-depth.  If there’s anything you all are curious about or have questions, or want to see specific posts, feel free to comment below!  I’m no professional, just sharing from my own experiences 🙂

I wanted to say Happy Holidays and I cannot wait to get started on decorating!  It’s still hot as balls here but I just love all the pretty colors and lights haha.

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