What’s in my gym bag?

Use:  Padded Lifting Gloves
Schiek Platinum Womens Lifting Gloves Right now they are $29.95 on Amazon with Prime.
Mini Review:  They come with a 1-year warranty.  I’ve washed them in the washer with absolutely no wear.  They are gel-padded and I’ve had no damage or leakage.  Easily has grips at the top of the fingers to easily pull off your sweaty hands.

Use: Strong wrist support, Textured and slightly padded, grip-gloves. For Deadlifts.
Fit Active Sports Grip Lifting Gloves   $29.95 on Amazon with Prime.
Mini Review:  I like these specifically for deadlifts because it’s open on the outside of my hand allowing upmost mobility, all the while shielding a good portion of my fingers, and all of my palms (especially callus building areas), along with the option of wrapping it very tight around my wrists.  I have very small dainty wrists so I feel like this protects them when lifting heavy..  On the palm side they have added padding around each finger where calluses mostly form, and all of it is textured allowing for a better grip.  With these I am able to lift heavier than with my Schiek gloves-these slide and fall lower on my fingers due to no textured grip.

Use: Squatting while crab-walk side to side, staying in the squat form using weights.  Spri Braided Lateral Resistor Ultra Heavy.  $24.45 on Amazon, with Prime.
spriMini Review:  If you weight train Ultra Heavy resistance is the way to go.  When I purchased these and read the comments originally a lot of people were saying a lower resistance was ‘too hard’, I do not find that to be the case if you’re already used to weight training.   I like these, but then I don’t.  They get the job done, I just wish I could spread my legs further apart with them as I crab-walked.  But they do keep everything tight without having much of a stretch.

Use: Cable Abductors, Cable Adductors, Cable Kickbacks.
Fitteroy Ankle Straps with Neoprene $19.99 for the pair on Amazon, with Prime.
I have a review up on these already on my blog, feel free to search fitteroy and they should pop up!  Update: I’ve used these for like a year now and still no wear.

Use: Cushion for Squatting.  I find without this bar pad the weight just feels heavier overall, and thus harder to squat.  I’m a small person in general so maybe that’s the reason.
CAP Barbell Pad $8.99 on Amazon with Prime.
I believe I already have a review up on here about this pad, feel free to search to find it.  Update:  Been over a year or about a year now since using this- still no wear and works and looks good as new!

And gym accessories:
1) My LG Tone Plus Bluetooth
IMG_5345 2) A very new addition since Christmas.
My Atlas Wearables Wristband.
What it is: It’s THE fitness tracker for weight trainers.
I just got a big firmware update on it after my workout today (something I should’ve done before), and I just received this.  I’m going to give it some time before reviewing it.  But one thing I want to add is that this is a freshly released product, that is ever growing and ever changing.  It takes a lot of data to transform this sensor on your wrist to read your body movements, so firmware is constantly being updated and workouts are constantly being refined and added.  It’s not a 100% has-everything-product yet, but it will be.
Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 10.49.30 PM


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