Fitness Resolutions: Advice

It’s come to the end of 2015, or it has already ended for some of you internationally.  To be honest I absolutely hate and dread New Years.  It has always equated to nothing in my eyes.  Just another excuse for people to party, drink, make bad decisions and lie to themselves.

Nothing changes, just a single digit.  Just like how age is just a number.  

We all know how the gyms become packed come the near year, and if you’re a regular some of you may have already noticed an influx in November right before Thanksgiving.  (You can’t lose the weight/look different for any holiday if you start a few weeks, let alone a few days prior to.  Sorry.)

But lets talk about this resolution nonsense.  In my honest opinion, if you view it as a resolution, it isn’t going to work.  You aren’t going to stick with it, it’s not something of worth to commit yourself to.  What I mean is, a resolution, a new year, a big change means what to that?  Nothing.  Change for the things that matter, not because a number changed.  Changing for a legitimate reason gives you a lot more motivation to stick with it and hold yourself to it.  When I started and decided to make myself stick with it 100%, my mentality was:  “Okay, this is going to suck.  I’m going to get tired and there’s going to be days I want nothing to do with it and there’s going to be days I love it.  But the days that I don’t want to go and do go, those are the days that total up.  Those are the days that are going to equal change.  I’m sick of looking this way and feeling this way.  Not loving my body, not feeling comfortable in my body, and wanting to cover it all up because I feel fat.  I don’t want to live like that anymore.  The only one who can make this change is me, this is my body and i’m responsible for it.  I’m the reason I feel this way in the first place.”

It’s a huge change, why I recommend starting with home workouts and sticking to those first.  Train yourself to commit, and feel yourself grow out of your own bodyweight strengths.  You’ll feel and notice yourself getting stronger.  Once you’ve committed go big.  Only you limit yourself.  ALWAYS keep learning and trying new things.  ALWAYS try to go heavier, higher.  Don’t limit yourself.  Don’t hold yourself back.  Fitness is a very big mental game.  You’re just holding yourself back.
Always do these changes for yourself, and no one but yourself.  There’s plenty of reasons why I started, and you can too.  Some people are harsh and mean, and I truly believe that is because they aren’t happy, and when they make insults about another’s appearance they clearly aren’t happy with themselves.  Lacking confidence, and trying to bring another down.  Don’t be that hideous person.  If you aren’t happy with things you can change, get off your ass and get working.  Being a hurtful individual gets you no where but pity.


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