Switch-Up Booty Work

Single Leg Glute Kickback using the Smith Machine

Did these for the first time today and unexpectedly they BURNED without putting much weight on the machine which surprised me.  One thing I’ve learned is that smith machines vary as far as far back the latch goes.  If you have a problem with the latch keep flipping forward and locking, place the bar at the heel of your shoe and push up.  It works better than placing the bar in the middle of your shoe!

Single Leg Glute Bridge using the Smith Machine

These are a great alternative if your hips easily bruise like mine do doing the traditional glute bridge with a barbell on your hips, or using the back extension machine.  With padding and all I can’t escape the hip bruising D:

Elevated Reverse Curtsey Lunges

These burn so good!  You’ll feel your quads, hams and glutes all in action.

Smith Machine Lunges

You don’t have to do these using the smith machine, except for the first two listed.  However using the smith gives you a more controlled work-out and the stability allowing you to do more reps, and higher weights without being afraid of losing balance or dropping.


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