Best Place(s) For Affordable Activewear!

Hey Guys!

Sorry for another lull, I was just out of town for 2 weeks for work and I really thought I’d have time for working out, and keeping up with this.  But surprise, our attendance must’ve increased by 25% compared to last year and longggg work days.

Let’s get on with the blog!

Something that ALWAYS helps motivate me when I find myself losing drive, is shopping for more activewear.  Whether it be just clothes, gym accessories, shoes, etc.  It helps me stay driven.
My NUMBER 1 place to shop for activewear for the cheap, is TjMaxx!  The in-store selection is always MUCH better than their online, and it’s the same company as Marshalls, and Home Goods.  That’s where I have found my Lululemon dupes like I have mentioned in an older post, I’ve also seen a few items from Athleta in my local TjMaxx store!  Their selection has gotten insanely better within these past 6 months!  Just the other day I went to the store and found this:  FullSizeRender-1 This is the Under Armour Women’s Fly Fast 1/2 Zip, currently retailing for $50+.  I got it, along with the all black version for $29.99/each.  Here they are on I believe on the Under Armour website they’re about $52 right now.  $42-$53 on the Under armour website.  I also purchased this: IMG_1522(My shirt and socks matched hahaha)  I’m not quite sure the name of this pullover since it is an older style but I remember eyeing it on when it was on clearance, but it was still $40 then.  I just knew it was a deal when I got it!  Not to mention it’s super soft, and I found out while wearing it today there’s a secret pouch compartment in the kangaroo pocket thing lol.

Another on a whim are these bottoms by Pink Lotus:  FullSizeRender-2 They are so incredibly soft, I even tried to find the exact style and pair online but to no avail.  They’d be a nice material to work out in as well however as you can see i’m short, and i’m not going to ruin them hahah.  I found these on clearance for only $12, and i’m in love with them.

Aside from TJMaxx lets all admit we have guilty pleasures.  I like Lululemon for instance because of the quality and comfort/style.  I’ve recently fallen in love with their In The Flow crops and their Free To Be sports bras.

Really good apps for finding GREAT deals on expensive activewear such as lulu:  Mercari, and Poshmark.  Mercari tends to be the place to find THE BEST deals, simply because unlike Poshmark and Ebay their charges to list are a lot lower.

These are a pair of the In The Flow crops.  What I love about them:  Very thick and soft material.  Also, NO PANTY LINES.  I got these for only $50 brand new, with tags on Mercari.  These never went on sale because of the high demand of the color and they retail for $88.    I also got another coral pair for $40 on the same app!

This is the Free To Be bra that I was talking about.  It’s incredibly comfortable, hell I wore it out as a normal bra hahaha.  They retail for $42 and I purchased one for $26, however that was through a Facebook Lululemon group (another great resource to find good deals.)  Also be sure to lurk on Ebay!  Great deals pop up there every once in awhile, you have to be smart about your search terms because sellers can be very generic especially if they don’t know the names of what they’re selling.  An item I had been searching for, for a long time but didn’t even know who they were by, I finally found them this week!

Have you all seen this image?  pants  I first saw this when Lauren Conrad posted up an article using this image on her blog.   Fell in love with them but never found out anything about them.  Turns out they’re the Lululemon Top Speed Crop, a style that has since been retired or they just aren’t currently making them.   Unfortunately any of these listed online are close to retail pricing because of which I assume.

I wanted to share with you guys some great ways to save money, and find other alternatives to things that you truly want but don’t have the money to be going out and buying at retail!


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