Updates/Cardio/Updated Reviews

I’m happy to announce I hit a whole new personal record with deadlifts at 130lbs!  I currently weight 105lbs!  Over this past month or two I’ve upped the amount of cardio i’m performing by a lot.  By a lot I mean I’m doing anywhere from 2-3 hours of cardio a week and i’m noticing the difference!  Turns out I really like cycling, and it’s perfect for me because I can sit there and play my Nintendo 3DS while getting my cardio in.  I’m someone that needs to be constantly busy and having my brain constantly stimulated.  Normally I get bored as all hell and focus on negatives when doing cardio which causes me to stop.  But with cycling and the capability of playing games while doing so has been a fool proof method for me.  I highly recommend it, especially if you can shop on Amazon.com, you can get games super cheap.

I’ve recently mixed up my training a lot.  I am a creature of habit and that is a horrible thing to be when it comes to working out.  When you get in routines, you hit plateaus all around.  I’m so happy to say i’ve broken them but to be honest it takes thinking and being very attentive to prevent myself from slipping into a routine- which I believe is where a lot of my recent progress has come from.

My weight has been fluctuating between 105lbs up to 110lbs, but it seems every morning i’m back at 105 or around, meanwhile I also see myself leaning up more and more and definitely more muscle build up.  So i’m in that weird transition of leaning up more, gaining muscle, back and forth-ness.  For the record I am only 5’2″, and I have a very petite build, ie: size 2 in lululemon and kids pants lol.

As far as prior reviews on my Nike Flyknit Airmax’s i’m sad to say flyknits aren’t worth anything unless you like to style them with your clothes to go out in.  Not workout.  I mentioned before that I had an issue with the toe box area, how flimsy it was, no support, so on and so forth.  Well the flyknit is a knit structure of the shoe, and…well it’s started to tear/come apart.  I’m very pissed about it because no part of those shoes were cheap.  I am in love with Nike Airmax’s but flyknits?  I will never ever purchase a pair again.  Not only because they aren’t ideal for athletics but because it’s just poor/cheap design and durability.

I’ve also completely remastered my entire glute ‘program’ per se.  Aka, throw everything in, toss it up, mix it up, make it hard, form form form, don’t do it ALL in a day.  I’ll do another post with a bunch of new workouts i’ve added, why I like them, where I feel it, what I notice right after/the day after, where i’m at, so on and so forth.  These have been incredibly hard and a long process for me to build up and learn.  I think also figuring out how to work my hamstrings safely has been a factor too.  If any of you read previously, I have some tendon issues in my hamstring above my knee.  Primarily on one of my legs more than the other and i’ve since learned that if I do the full motion that’s where my injury happens, and being very careful with slowly building them up with weight.  Yes I can work them individually at a higher weight than what i’m working with right now, however i’m working on strengthening them at lower weights, higher reps before moving up into a higher weight to avoid shock/injury.

I recently accumulated some items that i’d like to write reviews on, so over the next week or so I should have quite a bit of downtime so expect more of these popping up!  ❤


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