Atlas Wearables Wristband Official Review

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 10.49.30 PM

Atlas Wearables Wristband, Retailing online on their website for $200.  It’s available in two colors, yellow and green.  The only colored part is underneath the band so you can see a sliver of it in the picture above.  I’ve been using this wristband since I got it for Christmas and i’ve gotten A LOT of use out of it so I think it’s time for an official review!

Since Christmas not much has changed with the software.  As of two-three weeks ago they had a big software/app update but I haven’t noticed any real big changes with it.

As far as tracking workouts it’s pretty limited, however this band is made to wear specifically and only on your left wrist so it can only track movements based on wrist activity.  Things that I get tracked A LOT and perfectly:  Bicep Curls/Alternating Bicep Curls, Squats, Deadlifts, Skullcrusher’s (It seems to only track this movement for tricep extensions), sometimes it tracks tricep extensions when performed with cable as well, Pull-Up, Push-Up, Bench Press, Sit-Ups, Rows, Lateral Raises, Jumping Jacks, and that’s about it.  There’s several other work-outs it says it tracks on their website and perhaps it does, I just don’t do all of the workouts that are listed such as chin ups, and more.  It also tracks your heart rate along with your workouts or just solely your heart rate if you select heart rate only mode.

It doesn’t differentiate different forms of bicep curls, squats, lateral raises or tricep extensions.  In the app once you sync with the wristband you’re able to go in and specify what workout that was specifically.  But to be honest I don’t do that, partly because I may not remember what that was exactly and the other is because I don’t really find myself going back to look at specific past work-outs.  I tend to only look at and track the analytics instead of what moves I did specifically.

When I received this as a gift it was retailing for $250, and since then the price has dropped to $200.  Great for more people to get into it, but shitty for those who pre-ordered and Indiegogo’d the project.  I first discovered this before it was released in a CES news story about new and great tracking fitness bands, with one finally catering to those who weight lift.  I was so intrigued and excited, the truth is this is very new technology.  We aren’t completely there yet, so much analytics and studies goes into every single move it can track.  Truthfully yes it’s going to mess up here and there, yes it’s going to think the movement to drink out of your water bottle is a bicep curl, it’s going to mis-track movements, and sometimes it may even get in the way.

PROS:  I love being able to look at my heart rate variations, I love seeing how many calories I burned, how much time I spent doing cardio and weightlifting, My average HR, Freestyle Mode (Weightlifting), Heart rate Mode (Cardio), Weekly activity log.

CONS:  It doesn’t track everything right then and there, It doesn’t have every move programmed (understandably so considering), $200 price tag, Screen easily lightly scratches, 3 Hour Charge Life.  You lose tracked data if it dies mid workout.

Now I would like to go over what those things mean in the Pros and Cons for what I haven’t already gone over.

Heart rate variations, sometimes I feel like I get out of breath easy in my workouts or getting my heart rate up makes me struggle for breath more than normal for whatever reason.  The last time I had this when I later went over my results it turned out my heart rate spiked a lot more than it normally does, and faster.  I attributed this to my caffeine intake wether from pre-workout and/or coffee.

In the app it gives you a look like this after you sync:

On the left, is my weight training.  On the right, is my cardio.  It doesn’t differentiate what cardio you did.  Now the downside is the wristband is touchscreen, sometimes it gets tapped during an exercise and its tapped so correctly that it ends the work out (takes two taps in the right spot)…  Whenever you ‘end’ a workout on the wrist band it automatically gets its’ own screen like this.  So on the left picture, there’s another one from the same day and time continuing from where I left off.  But it shows different data.  So say I do cardio at the beginning and end of my workout, there’s going to be two separate pages of cardio data because I ended the first heart rate mode to go into my freestyle mode, then after weight training i’ll end my freestyle mode and start a heart rate mode.

I tend to not track my deadlifts while wearing the band simply because I manage to always touch the screen and accidentally end my workout (even when I wear it backwards).
I love this thing, even though it was kind of a let down after using it and really seeing the limited capabilities first hand.

Whenever it tracks a workout, say bicep curls for 10 reps, you will then need to tap on the screen in the middle, verify the amount of reps, and then enter in the amount of weight.  The good/bad thing is after 10lbs it starts skipping by 5, which shortens time to add in high weights but kind of a butt if you’re in between weights and rely on that data you put in.

The battery life in my experience seems to be somewhere between 3-4 hours.  When I first started using it, it wasn’t much of a problem but since then my workouts have been going  to 1.5-2 hours, i’m lucky if I can track two separate workouts without it dying on me.  What sucks is when it does die, you lose all tracked data on that workout when you were using it.  Not only that you will need to resync it over bluetooth again before your workout once it’s recharged because it will have the wrong date and time so it will not sync into your workouts if the wrong date and time are set.  Make sure you charge your band after every workout to avoid it dying and ruining data!  

I know these seem like a lot of negatives but these are things I wish I knew prior to getting one.  Make sure you charge your band after every workout to avoid it dying and ruining data!

This wristband has been for sale $200-$250, which isn’t cheap.  That’s a lot of money.  It’s made for sweat, weights, and hopefully all gym things considered.  However, my screen somehow managed to get a few very light scratches on the screen which made me livid upon discovery… they aren’t felt at all, they’re simply aesthetic and very hard to photograph but I think they were scratched from the velcro on my gym gloves…which I find aggravating.  I just like things staying perfect as long as possible lol.

Hopefully my review hasn’t discouraged anyone from purchasing this device.  I do enjoy it and all that it tells me, but as a user i’ve ended up using it differently from what I had originally planned prior to owning it due to functionality.
For any additional questions i’ll be happy to answer them from my own experience!

For a list of workouts it can track along with more technical information visit their website at:


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