I was going to upload a review of an Adidas backpack I received when I worked an Adidas event however I couldn’t find the same backpack on the website, or anywhere….  I’ll keep looking though because I really want to tell you guys about it but if I do I want to have an actual link to it.

Muscle gains have been extraordinarily different for me these past couple months, not only that my training.  I’ve had more off days since November than I have since I first started lifting.  Between getting sick pretty bad & frequently and then lately “not feeling it” a lot.  Luckily, I had to see a doctor for a health situation and we got to talking about my immune system and she put me on prenatals plus minerals, as well as folic acid.  This has been pretty awesome because my immune system has strengthened and I haven’t felt like i’m getting sick or anything since!  (Over the past year I would get sick every time I traveled for work, and then frequently feel sick or get colds anytime in between.  It was bad.)  I even traveled to Houston a few weeks ago and didn’t get a cold or anything!

As far as training goes, I’ve been training heavier.  Not afraid to go heavy, not waiting for when my current weight ‘feels too light’ none of that.  Starting off heavier and heavier, and then with workouts where you can really hurt yourself such as deadlifts i’ll pyramid my way up in weight, not afraid to push myself to the point where it’s scary.  Not only that but with the help of my boyfriend and his home gym, i’m able to experiment with things and have his help.  Such as completely max out weight and reps and have him there to spot me/correct me.  Outside of his home gym I’ve always worked out solo so i’ve never had a spotter before or someone to push me.  I’ve also added in resistance bands, and a wide variety of workouts.  Mixing things up, maybe not doing the same specific workout for 2 weeks or more.  Just completely adding in new things, working out till i’m shaky and unstable.  On some days i’ll do maybe 3 different workouts, with more reps and sets then I’d typically do.  It’s working out so much more than I ever expected.  I’m surprising myself and impressed with myself.  I’m only 5’2″, I seem to weigh in at 110lbs solidly with few fluctuations.  For the longest time I was stuck around 105.  I’m more toned than I ever have been although i’m still not “lean.”  I’ve been eating what I want, whenever I want, trying to be semi-mindful of protein intake and trying to avoid fried foods for the most part.  It’s not the most visually appealing, and self fulfilling but i’m damn strong for as small as I am and eventually i’ll get back to my dieting and focus on my body.  I’m about to be out of town for 2 weeks so i’m not on my way to fill the fridge with health foods that will expire.

Milestones!  I recently deadlifted 170lbs (my current max).  Which holy-shit.  That was from the beau helping me out and pushing me to find my max.  Today my comfortable max solo was 165lbs.  I was maxing out myself due to prior reps and pyramiding up in weight, I was starting to break form and found it no longer safe to go heavier today.  The other day I leg pressed 573lbs.  I was dumbfounded.  I’m pretty sure I could’ve gone heavier too but I had already done about 60 reps give or take at that point and didn’t want to be stupid.  My absolute struggle has been squats though.  I’ve been focusing on strengthening my quad, glute, and hamstring muscle groups before trying to go heavier on them.  I’ve just been absolutely failing in that department but finally understood why.  I need more quad development 110%.  The amazing thing is i’ve finally gotten my glutes to grow.  I’m just stupid excited lol.  I’m still a long way from my long-term goals but things are changing and happening, i’m so excited.  I’m constantly learning and implementing.

I recently went on vacation with my boyfriend, and during the time I had about 2 weeks where I worked out only a handful of times, maybe even 3 weeks.  I had just lost motivation and wasn’t regaining any bit of it.  I go through stages where i’m like “HOLY SHIT MY DREAMS ARE HAPPENING! MY DREAM BODY IS FORMING” and literally in the same day I can go to “I’m fat.  My ass is flabby.  I’m not getting stronger.  I’m weak.  My ass will forever not grow.  I’ll never be lean.  I’ll never have muscles you can SEE”  partially because i’m a woman…but also this is the long road to goals.  Back and forth, pros and cons.  If you’re impatient like I am you definitely understand without a doubt.


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