Atlas Wearables Wristband UPDATED Information

A few weeks ago I posted my review of the Atlas Wristband, including some how-to’s and facts on how this band works.  A few days ago I got an app update as well as a big firmware update on the wristband.  I really like these changes and a matter of fact they addressed some things I had problems with prior to the update.

There’s no longer a heart rate mode.  It’s now called Stopwatch/Cardio mode.  What I love about it: On just the one screen it shows me how long i’ve been going in the center, on the top left it shows me how many calories i’ve burned, and on the top right it shows me my heart rate.   It even allows you to pause it, and then continue it.

As far as logging workouts, after 10 it no longer skips by 5’s.  It now includes all whole numbers which is awesome.  It allows you to more accurately track your weight lifting status.

Like I mentioned in my prior post, even though it’s already out to the public, it doesn’t mean the work put into it is done.  It’s constantly being worked on, updated, and made better.  They are welcome to any and all feedback and listen to their customers which is pretty awesome.


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