4Kor Fitness Bands: New Gym Bag Must-Have

4Kor Fitness Bands


Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 9.12.24 PM

I had been wanting to get bands for added resistance in the gym as well as something easy to travel with.  I came across 4Kor Bands on Amazon, they’re currently priced at $16 on Amazon!  They’re reasonably priced, you get 6 bands ranging from X-Easy all the way up to XX-Heavy.  They’re strong, and well made.  Even being stretched out a ton, still absolutely no wear.  I suggest rinsing them off after receiving them due to white residue, just because it’ll transfer to your clothes.

Here is a video from my instagram using them for squats, helping me hit my glutes as much as possible.

And here is Jay using them for push-ups.

These are so multifunctional and amazingly well made.  Justin has used them in his home gym for resisted pull ups, push ups, tricep push-downs, seated rows, and many more.  And still, no wear.  I highly recommend the company, and for those that love to support small business’ they are a family-owned and run company.  I’ve had these since February and no problems.  They come with a handy bag so you can easily store your bands and keep them all together no matter where you’re going.  They come with a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee too!  You can’t beat that.

They just released Warrior Bands, I have not used them before but they just released them for those seeking longer bands!


The prices on these range from $11.95 – $21.95.  Pricing changing due to resistance of the band.  The offer three different colored bands at different resistances.


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