Absolute Favorite: Best WeightLifting Shoe Out there! Nike Free 5.0 Tr Fit 5


In these photos i’m wearing the Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 5.  (Could they make the name any longer?!)
These were the first official shoes I got that were marketed for weight training.  I decided to take the leap and try them especially because I found these for like $40 something on eBay.  These were the first shoes I got that didn’t have super sturdy walls, and a heel.  I’ve honestly fallen in love.

Several things to note!

1) Textured, gripped, outer sole.  Prevents any slippage on carpet, hard flooring, gloss flooring, matts, leg presses, whatever you’re working with.  REALLY helps stabilize you on workouts that require a lot of balance and core work.
2) Weight distribution.  With these they’ve helped enforce me to put all of my weight in my heel.  Which I believe has helped me improve my squats, and glute work recently.  By putting all of your weight in your heel for some workouts it allows you to hit some more glutes.  I’ve also been learning some about biomechanics and how our bodies are all different, these have helped me to go lower in my squats and stay low.  This also goes along with my balance.  (New PR: I hit 135lb squat the other day!  Could only do 1 rep, and then completely maxed out.  IE I dropped after anymore reps than that even when I dropped the weight lol.)

3) Stylish.  One of my biggest withholdings from ever getting shoes designed for weight lifting was…they’re all ugly.  But I think the design teams have finally come along and picked up the slack.

Even without wearing these I do find myself putting my weight more in my heel and having better balance.  I’ve always struggled with bulgarian squats and curtsy squats but these have helped me a ton by having grip i’ve badly needed and allowing me to keep my weight in my heel.  I’m no longer falling over LOL and its allowed me to really strengthen up my core to completely nip that all in the bud.

They’re a pretty flimsy shoe with seemingly not much to them but they’ve made a world of a difference for me.  They’re pretty flat also which is one thing I was concerned about, I have high arches and I remember when I was younger I got recked by converses just due to how flat they were… but with these I haven’t had any problems and no pains.  I’m also not wearing them 24/7, only in the gym, but still.  No pains or problems is the best in my book!

If you look at my other shoe reviews, yes I do tend to prefer Nike.  I find them much more comfortable for me and consistent sizing that I can rely on.  I do however, believe Nike has poor and sloppy craftsmanship and that they seriously price gouge us customers because we see the sloppy handiwork of the paint and glue, and we all know they’re made in china for cheap.  Which is why I don’t buy from Nike directly, they do not need nor deserve retail prices.


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