Key To Cardio 🗝

It’s almost widespread how much people hate cardio.  It’s been something I avoided or could only manage for maybe 10 minutes tops up until a few months ago.
It’s incredibly boring, and repetitive.  Does not stimulate my mind or keep me ‘busy’ enough to keep going lol.

Then I discovered 2 things.

Gaming + Cardio = A lot more cardio time spent while having FUN!

I also discovered spinning and i’ve fallen in love with it.  I also find it easier to game while spinning instead of the stair master or treadmill.

I find it difficult to think someone out there doesn’t like video games… but if you haven’t kept up to date, handheld gaming (ex: Nintendo 3DS XL) is a lot different than it used to be.  They’re pretty powerful gaming devices now and play out like full-throttle games that you can find on consoles or PCs.

I HIGHLY recommend my all time favorite game Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.  Remastered in HD and for the 3DS.  Listed now on Amazon for $19.88 for the hardcopy version, $19.99 for the digital download code.  I loved this game as a kid and I still love it even more now as an adult.

I find it difficult to play while on the stair master however if you keep it at a low speed, you can still play and game all while getting a good sweat and burn.
Personally I enjoy RPG games the most, and while spinning I unintentionally go really fast during boss battles haha.


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