Mind-Muscle Connection, What does that even mean?!

Sometime after I first got into weight training I started hearing about mind-muscle connection especially when pertaining to the glutes.  To be honest I always thought it was a crock of shit and mentally I was like WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN!?
You remember back in like 2007?  When everyone was doing that side ‘grr’ face thing?  (I have no idea what made that popular or who influenced it) But I could never do it.  I just have no control over those nerves in my face and so I related that to my muscles too.  If I can’t feel the muscle how am I supposed to be able to mentally target it and yada yada?!

So fast forward to now and I realize how underestimated the mind-mucsle connection is.
I’ve been doing a lot of things wrong with lifting, believe me I never got into this thinking I KNEW things, or even this blog.  It’s not supposed to be like ‘hey listen to me I know things.’  That’s not me at all.  I just want to share my experiences and what i’ve learned.

Over the past several months, and particularly these past 2-3 months i’ve put a heavy emphasis on training my glutes.  I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can and one truth of it all is everyone is different.  What works for some doesn’t work for everyone, so apply that to your training too.

If you have a hard time in growing your glutes like I do, one thing to take note of is building a good base layer of muscle will help you with that.  This past month my glute muscles have truly grown, replacing some of the fat that’s all up in there.  Causing me to be able to flex and everything unlike i’ve ever been able to before.  Making it easier for me to contract my glutes, and think about how i’m using them with my workouts.
There is no 1 work-out that’s going to give you an amazing ass.  It’s not a one trick pony.  It’s all the tricks, and our genetics play a part in it as well.

Whenever you’re doing squats, deadlifts, or any workout that should utilize your glutes in anyway, you have to mentally think about your glutes.  Say you’re squatting, as you’re coming up think: PULL WITH MY GLUTES.  LIFT WITH MY GLUTES.  LAY OFF THE QUADS, KEEP MY WEIGHT IN MY HEELS, PULL THAT ASS UP.   If you have to drop weight to really train and strengthen your buttox then do it, because it will be worth it and then you’ll be able to hit that ass more as you go up in weight again.

If you’re doing bulgarian squats or lunges, contract your glutes with your movements.  If you’re doing step-ups, put your weight in your heel as you push yourself up.  Like you’re pushing down instead of just lifting yourself up.

Squat Variations:

This is something I have neglected for a long time.  Truth is because like I said we are all different.  We are designed different, our bones, how our bodies are built.  Look at how people walk.  Some people walk with their feet straight.  Some people walk with their feet going outwards like \   /.   I’m someone who has a very straight walk, and our bone structure is the cause of this.  So when I first started I was getting into sumo squats because I really wanted an ass (it’s been two years, you see how clueless i’ve been? LOL)  I ended up stopping those completely because I developed a pain coming from my ankle straight up my leg from doing this workout.  Now the reason because of this was due to watch all of these people on youtube and such doing sumo squats online with a very wide stance and their feet super outwards, more than just \ /.  Obviously none of that works for me.  I’m 5’2″, my ankles are not going to be cool with holding up weight and having my feet so angled outward.  My version of sumo is a lot more tame than others because I am a short shit and my bone structure.

Here are three squat variations, Narrow, Standard, and Sumo <-Video Link.   I found this woman on instagram: _Brooklynfit
I found her recently on Instagram, she’s adorable & informative.

I recommended those Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit’s in my previous post because I also attribute those to my growing glute connection.  They have literally forced me to put my weight in my heel forcing me to really build up my glutes.
To anyone who may be new as well, when people are saying put all your weight in your heel they’re really saying put most of your weight in your heel but also on the middle/arch portion of your feet.  Putting all of your weight into just your heel will cause you to topple over especially with workouts that require more balance that isn’t quite achieved yet.

If anyone is interested I’ll follow up with a post of the workouts that really work my glutes and how I train them.  Also want to follow up by saying try to keep your reps in a 10-15 range.  Previously I’ve been guilty of keeping my reps low but you actually want them to be a bit higher in order to truly build and grow.

Over these past two weeks I’ve gone from 110-112lbs.  Not even excess body fat… i’m just on a complete bulking phase right now.  It’s scary, this is the heaviest I’ve been in a long time.  I started lifting at only 94lbs.  This time last year I was stuck at 105lbs for over half a year, and here I am continuously adding muscle.  But in a way that i’m still comfortable with my body and I know i’m not just getting fat lol.  For me personally hitting triple digits has scared me since I originally hit 100lbs in 5th grade.  But here I am… the healthiest, strongest and fittest I have ever been.  With no desire to starve myself or blow chunks down the toilet…  🙂


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